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Original value "Seven Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Seven Cups - value

floating in the air intent

inner spirit:

I'm expanding, according to their own scale and spiritual significance.

Seven Cups shows a person who is unable to make a choice because of the confusion. Since this card belongs to the suit of Cups, which deal with emotions, indecisiveness associated with the emotional level. If there is a large selection, it is always difficult to decide. You can always try a little of everything, as you can and stay in the illusions of the great features.

You must find the courage to clarify the dark side of his own "I" and the transcendent field of mental cognition. Extend according to its own scale spiritual significance. Correlates with the artistic inventiveness card encourages people to perform creative work, to engage in magical visualization. card warns that it's actually not as it seems, so exercise caution and postpone the decision until you have enough information.

If a person realizes that everything is an illusion, a similar euphoria may end by itself without painful consequences. If people take these dreams as reality, believe in them, the awakening can be very bitter.

7 cups

in an upright position:

The card shows that the human imagination knows no bounds, it seems that he is capable of anything. To make a choice. Achieving the ideal. Love in a variety of unexpected manifestations. Fantasy, love, earthly delights and needs. You must make a choice. Should realize what the intentions are well-grounded and worth to them to carry out, and which are just fantasies. Contemplation. Meditation. Controlling emotions will bring a sense of harmony and balance. Search a guiding force. The attraction to drugs, strong drinks, dubious pleasure, disorderly life. The lack of realism.

7 cups upside down position:

Determination, reasonable choice, the goal. Belief in yourself and in your own goal. The use of intellectual and psychological capabilities. The ability to control their own emotions. The period of conscious self-isolation and solitude.

instructive advice cards:

Know their uniqueness and originality. Follow your desires and fears rasstantes that produce negative energy. A different look at their own environment.