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Original value "Queen of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Queen of Swords - value

The strong will and bright temperament

inner spirit:

I have consistently thought and relentlessly pursue their goals.

Queen of Swords is holding a sword of discrimination. It represents intelligence and authority, as it may be a group of people who have historically rejected the power and education. Yet it may be a minority or people, intelligence and authority that is subject to harsh criticism and attacks.

She can not give more heat it - a good critic of your work, always give good professional advice and approve your education. Some forecasters considerQueen of Swords as a "cold" because it does not respond to the tragedy that shows no outward emotion, says everything he thinks in his face. Stricter traitsQueen of Swords can be the result of her personal sorrow that drove her to become violent.

Queen of Swords

in an upright position:

A strong, intelligent and proud nature. Despite its strength and independence, or because of these qualities, it can sometimes feel lonely and cut off from life. This card can impersonate a widow or a divorced woman, or a woman, neither of whom prefer to be independent. Queen of Swords can hide their vulnerability and probably tends to the ideal, forcing her to stay away from others at a distance. Its strength in the cold, fast mind, it can be intolerant and judgmental. Problems and difficulties. card hints to tackle legal issues. Another aspect of the card: it is always a maximalist, a man for whom there are no nuances. Ambitious and tenacious people.

Queen of Swords in the inverted position:

The adverse decision of litigation or the imposition of unfavorable verdict. Knowledge of the problems and difficulties, but the closing of eyes on them. Sexual desire to occupy an important place. Intrigue, gossip. Purposeful person acting against the questioner. A man whose love turned into hatred. Man is not capable of a constructive act. Ambitious, closed. Destructive mother or wife.

instructive advice cards:

It is time to become familiar with aspects of his personality that is capable of unwavering commitment to the highest ideals. Cultivate love, pleasure and affection. Act wisely and skillfully.