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Original value "Power" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Power - value

Strength is a "state" than the demonstration of power or skill. Its important centers is the connection of the earth to the sky, the sun and moon and water with fire. The card clearly indicates the need to use force in certain situations, or the fact that the force is already present there.

inner spirit:

I fill power.

It is inconceivable that gentle woman depicted on the card, was able to subdue the huge lion.Strength, a designation of this card, of course, internal, such as fortitude, courage, patience, integrity, compassion, understanding and self-control. Still, this card represents the inner struggle with living in each of us by internal passions. Lemniscate shining above his head subjugator indicates the source of power for its connection with the divine nature. Leo can symbolize the ego raging inside each, passion or unconscious desire that we have to face, and then tame them through love and understanding.

The card suggests: to continue the evolutionary growth, it is necessary to control their desires and aspirations . It is necessary to take internal aspects, we fear, and tame. Wreath encircles the waist woman and head of a lion, symbolizing the harmony and communication.

Alternatively, a lion could symbolize the challenges and promising situation. In this case, the Strength hints to deal with difficult people, take care of them, be kind to everyone. The card may indicate the ability to face life's challenges without fear...


in an upright position:

If the questioner drops this card, it means that to achieve success will have to show determination, strength of character and self-confidence. This can occur at the material level, i.e. The questioner will their plans into action only overcome troubles and problems. On a spiritual level, the questioner will have to realize their own self-interest, or any negative traits, and part with them.

The card involves creativity and offers a person to reveal a hidden talent. The sudden release of creativity will take great pleasure to start a new life.

Resolve. Physical strength and resilience. Strength to overcome difficulties and obstacles. Courage and endurance, desire to survive. Leadership. The ability to overcome all difficulties. Trying to learn to control their desires and aspirations. Ready to give up something precious/precious for the sake of the higher. A faithful friend. The ability to resist the temptations. Disclosure of artistic abilities and the desire to ensure that others recognize your ego. Harmonious sexual relationship.

The strength of the upside down position:

The lack of power to overcome the difficulties encountered on the way. Doubt in their abilities. The inability to control their desires and actions. Selfishness, sharpness, vanity. Laziness. Inflated ambitions. Ignorance of its internal resources and its potential. Self-doubt. Fear. The intervention of outsiders in your destiny. Very active sex life. Unreliable friends because of envy, jealousy. Deceptions and tricks. The cruelty and ruthlessness to gain a superior position...

This Arkan - the energy, the passion, joy of life, sexual transformation. Man is subject to control of any manifestation of human nature. Men and women feel the force when it touches their hearts in times of mercy, they do not understand where it comes from. In the study of any issues the card points to the need to be active, purposeful, direct all energies to implementing the plan. If there is no passion, then do not be a positive outcome.

instructive advice cards:

With understanding and compassion to everyone. Handle gently and tenderly with a lion living within you and with the people you encounter.


After getting pleasure do not need to trample on the principles of others. Do not show your animal instincts.