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Original value "Page of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Page of Pentacles - value

The search for a new direction

inner spirit:

I am interested in training and the championship.

Page of Pentacles announces the opportunity to earn a lot of money or excel in their careers. When the Page of Pentacles does not represent you or the people you know may indicate receipt of news, letters, phone calls, newspapers, and in general, a variety of information. This can be Page of bureaucratic papers, business correspondence, or practical information.

Page of Pentacles is a person that is in search of a new direction in life or in search of new responsibilities. Trust your subconscious dormant within you. Support and assist their loved ones. The people around you - a gift of fate. But you yourself treasure for himself and for others, provided that the value and elevate their own abilities and skills. This card - a good reason for a new open and assess their practical ability. Take a trip to a world of discovery and knowledge.

Page of Pentacles

in an upright position:

The desire to earn as much as possible. Interest in learning, career development, competition. Ambition and materialism, conservatism and traditional views. Getting good news related to finances or health. Introduction to practical, sensible and trustworthy person. The aspirations, success and luck. Warming of interest to themselves and to their problems. The favorable course of study.

A man capable of focusing on a particular issue. The practicality and the ability to use theoretical knowledge in practice. The page associated with this apprenticeship. Irrepressible passion for knowledge to the new. Striving to be always up to date, to keep up.

Page of Pentacles in the inverted position:

The reluctance to get an education. The desire to earn as much as possible. Celebrates life. The loss of a good financial position. Avarice, constant desire to dominate the relationship. Bad news. Indifference and apathy. Excessive spending. Gossip.

A man floating in the clouds. Confused thinking, the ability to rash acts. Inability to express thoughts. Is vain person.

instructive advice cards:

Take fruitful impulses and creativity, and to implement them.