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Original value "Page of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Page of Wands - value

The man who brings good news

inner spirit:

I'm always ready for action.

ThisPage of Wands is entering into new businesses, boldly embodies intentions and takes the earlier decisions. He is endowed with zeal, enthusiasm and belief in the cause for which came from. In this card man looks on the philosophical existence. His overwhelm good intentions. It's time to discover the world. Real - time, personal growth, the development of creative ideas and self-affirmation.Page of Wands- a young lady, understand the world. This is - a fragile embryo of creative imagination. It seeks to where things are going.

This card may indicate receipt of messages, or be the one who inspires and encourages.

Page of Wands

in an upright position:

This card often indicates not yet manifested talents have questioner. Getting good news. Pleasant events. Passion for something or someone. Interesting offer. Ambitious advice that will benefit. Active participation in social life. Freedom, perseverance and independence. Trips abroad and meetings with foreigners. The desire for action.

A faithful friend, a friendly messenger. The man with friendly intentions.

Page of Wands in the inverted position:

Lack of stamina and perseverance. Laziness, lack of discipline, unreliability. Cruelty. Indifference and unpredictability. Gossip. Indecision in achieving the goal. Eternal fluctuations. Unwillingness to take responsibility for themselves. Getting bad news. Man carrying your unhappiness. The love of solitude. A lot of noise and problems.

Invalid friend. Spendthrift. Unfriendly lady.

instructive advice cards:

Develop creative ideas. Participate in what is interesting to you. Before you open a new opportunity to use it.