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Original value "Page of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Page of Swords - value

independent thinking

inner spirit:

I formulate my own ideas and concepts.

Pictured card youngster prepared sword to fight, it's a hint of alertness and the ability to keep your eyes open. The pages often signifitsiruyut child involved in your life.Page of Swords- a child is very fair, smart, noticing the difference, injustice and hypocrisy.

If the Page of Swords does not represent a person, that is communication: phone call letter, various types of news and information. Page of Swords can mean many different types of communications, including political publications, scientific information, legal notices and various information and analytical questions.

Page of Swords- it is a way of rudiments of independent thinking, which should pass the infant stage, before we can begin to formulate and issue their own ideas and concepts.

Page of Swords

in an upright position:

The questioner may be in a situation that will require him to think about Statement before making a decision. The pursuit of new adventures and sensations, new knowledge and acquaintances. card advises caution, since someone might try to harm or act for their interests. card alludes to information, which resulted to the questioner will open up new opportunities. Trades, the signing of important documents, official paper, letter, phone call.

The young lady who discovers the world around us. Naivete, innocence. Resourcefulness, ingenuity, flexibility, sociability. It is an extrovert, full of hopes and plans.

Page of swords in the inverted position:

Unexpected difficulties and problems, delays, false. Unstable emotional state. Immersion in themselves and their own experiences, nervousness. Detachment from others. Gossip that may pose a threat to the relationship. Problems with the education of the children. The superficiality of the contacts. Misspoke and slander.

instructive advice cards:

resolve the situation, showing coldness. Be clear about your position. Show your alert. Show that you go to the escalation of the conflict, to dot the "i".