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Original value "Page of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Page of Cups - value

Spiritual understanding

inner spirit:

I olitsetoryayu love and emotions.

Fish, which suddenly appeared from the cup that holds the Page, can symbolize spiritual awareness, which begins to emerge, or mental abilities, or points to information from the subconscious. The card shows an incomprehensible longing, or the execution of tender feelings of love. Since Pazhi are messengers and the news,Page of Cups can be an emotionally charged letter, call, call. Maybe someone you express your feelings. Or maybe you express to someone your personal, emotional demands.

WhenPage of Cups falling man who does not have children, and if he is not a child, then it is internal the child's personality. We condone aspect of the inner child, which is the Page of Cups, when we dream and pryadёm new fantasy; maybe even get a little silly and giggly when discussing romantic dreams with friends.

Page of Cups

in an upright position:

Love and emotions. A friendly meeting. Talents. The ability to look good. The emergence of something new. The new course of study. Update emotions. Love of self is a prerequisite for loving others. Getting good news concerning love, marriage, birth of a child or friendship. The ability to smooth out conflicts, to reconcile warring captivate chosen.

Page of Cups symbolizes the persistent human striving for knowledge. He is trustworthy, but everything in it superficially, despite his diligence and honesty. This card represents a man with a poetic view of the mind or person engaged spiritual self-improvement.

Page of Cups in the inverted position:

disappointments, emotional imbalance. Quarrels and failure in love. Thoughtlessness and meaninglessness. Susceptibility to influence from the outside. Man distracted, unable to focus and hard work. Getting bad news. Dishonesty. Fear of change. Disappointment and unforeseen accident.

instructive advice cards:

Give free rein to your imagination. Devoted himself to studying the mysteries of life. Listen to the suggestions and words of others, take good advice or gestures of peace.