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Original value "Nine of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Nine of Pentacles - value

Pleasure earthly goods

inner spirit:

I live in harmony and enjoy fine dining.

InNine of Pentacles shows a rich lady who enjoys the fruits of the Garden of Eden, in which she walks, she is free, takes pleasure in the beauty that surrounds her life. Thus, the card may indicate the award, abundance, achievement, satisfaction and fulfillment.Nine of Pentacles- card order, reliability, property deeds and in their personal lives, announces the acquisition of a certain wisdom and experience necessary for the proper conduct of its affairs and resolve any problems that you will encounter in the future.

The card promises financial freedom and material abundance. Perhaps you will be a good investment; You'll do all right. The card also can report privacy in a wonderful abundance. You need to embrace the love of the mass of people and a lot of events. Give love a chance, and it will flourish and be filled with sense and sensibility.

9 Pentacles

in an upright position:

receivable. Achievement. Reliability. Enjoying earthly riches. Talents and mastery of skills. Pleasure. Comfort. Harmony. Enjoying the refined cuisine. Proper investment will give good dividends. Legacy. Search for the meaning of existence on earth. Fertility and the probability of conception. The process, gaining height with a large potential. Beautiful romantic relationship. Expensive gifts. A creative approach to bring profits. Correct decision on issues relating to money. Exemption from close physical limitations. The flourishing of life and spiritual forces. The ability to lead. The gain in the affairs.

9 Pentacles in the inverted position:

The loss in business. Security Risk. Loss of faith. Problems. Financial losses. Inability to implement our plans. Depression. Wasteful. Health problems. Failure to enter into a relationship with other people. Huge fantasy. Search a rich and respectable fan. Miscarriage or abortion. The loss of a meaningful relationship. Painful wait. Deception and lies. Impermanence. Delusions. Fraud. Empty promises. Disruption of plans. Foolish waste of money. Loneliness. Bankruptcy. Success built on someone else's grief.

instructive advice cards:

Rethink living and find a positive side. Get yourself. Consistently refuse from unnecessary ideals unnecessary links and unsecured experiments.