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Original value "Nine of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Nine of Wands - value

Waiting for the new attacks

inner spirit:

I think globally and act locally.

The man shown inNine of Wands, was exhausted from fighting, he tired of the battle led him into a panic. But he gained experience and is ready to dutifully protect all that is important for him. Its image symbolizes strength similar to steel. He - persistent and unwavering in its hidden internal energy reserves to help him win. Look, rods, standing behind him, reminiscent of the fence, and hint at the limited issues that he fights. Perhaps he is a defender or delineates its place.
On this card you can see obvious opponents, where did the fear and apprehension that made the man armed? Most likely, some internal enemies: the narrowness of outlook, conservatism, preoccupation with self-interest. card encourages open all things, trust and expand horizons, develop their own philosophical view of the world and be independent. Think globally and act locally! Strengthen monitoring and attention. Increase the power of your own, understand the content and is happening, and all react accordingly. Your perception - the key to all current issues.

Illustration card offers a solution, a person on the card Rod picked one of nine possible. This suggests that he chose one activity or opportunity to which he is the soul, and it seems to him favorable. After testing various methods and objects you make a choice that will follow to ascend to a higher level...

9 rods


courage and determination. Wisdom in dealing with issues. The ability to protect their own interests. Using the correct tactics in achieving their goals. The ability to analyze and understand the situation. The victory in any competition. Changing ideas about himself. Stormy times in life. Discipline. Courage in the defense and victory in the attack. Successful completion of previously initiated enterprises. Intensive work on his spiritual development. This card foretells success.

9 rods in inverted position:

narrow thinking. Not enough experience to address. Ill-conceived plans. Losing touch with reality. Various obstacles. Delays and postponements. Discontent. Disappointment. The inability to defend their interests. The underestimation of their abilities. The unstable situation. Health problems. Stagnation. Hopelessness. Waiver of further action. Actions under compulsion, discipline is inflated. The inability to find a middle ground. Callousness towards themselves and others. Unfavorable circumstances do not allow to bring the case to the end. Acceptance and recognition of its own destruction nekompetennosti. Reluctance to communicate with people.

instructive advice cards:

Each of us at certain moments of life gets wound, and as a result, sets the boundaries and barriers. Set boundaries and limits, and protect. You need to determine the own limitations, to reconsider their strength and capabilities. Clearly define the purpose and move to it, taking down safely on the road all the obstacles.