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Original value "Nine of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Nine of Swords - value

nightmare, or the discovery of truth vesche th

inner spirit:

I am parting with fear and do not blame themselves more.

Nine of Swords can indicate anxiety and despair, fear or awakening.Nine of Swords- it is death or death for those who gave up and lost his faith, but at the same time and the cessation of suffering and the miraculous deliverance to those who fought, hoped and believed in our strength and divine conduct.

The card represents the darkest hour before the dawn, and that the biggest part of our problem is the fear, confusion, fear and anxiety. The card makes a person reevaluate his life, perhaps, he is moving in the wrong direction, chose the wrong landmarks and the very fate intervenes in his life, causing obstacles, forcing overestimate the distance traveled and the search for new solutions.

On a practical level, this card can indicate a lot of stress or sleep problems.

9 swords

in an upright position:

anxiety and despair. Man suffers nightmares or thoughts. Nervous stress and depression. Fear of the unknown. Uncertainty. Misunderstanding. Internal conflicts. Man feels guilty for what he did and in everything bad omen. The questioner is unable to forget the suffering that he endured in the past. Quarrels. Depression. The parting and separation. Disease. The feeling of loneliness. Failures. Participation in an unpleasant situation.

9 swords in inverted position:

Anger towards others. Aggressiveness. Illnesses, injuries, injuries. A sudden drop. Difficult period. The crises. It is not possible to overcome the difficulties. Low self-esteem. Self-doubt. Building a completely unrealistic hypothesis. Focusing on a very narrow range of interests. Inability to use existing knowledge. Slander and gossip. Loneliness. Abandoned.

instructive advice cards:

Rather than focus on the terrible problems that you yourself have decided, start to focus on their solution. Fulfills yoga brain and philosophical exercises. Be self-critical.