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Original value "Nine of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Nine of Cups - value

The completeness of the emotional life

inner spirit:

I believe in the wisdom of global harmony and peace.

TraditionallyNine cups is called Dreamboard. It shows the inner contentment and satisfaction that we have. As with any card suit of cups, we do not know what lies in the cups. The world of feelings may not be safe and could not celebrate with only one hand, because everything in this world alone. It can not be relied upon. Sometimes it is deposited in the rear, and sometimes vice versa protect.

Nine of Cups- a very psychological card, meaning flash of intuition, premonition, prophetic dreams, etc., it is able to learn the rules love and life of the soul. card symbolizes the multiplication of wealth and emotional achievement of special quality of life. The outer and inner world are working together, and besides, quickly and efficiently.

This card promises good things in life, is the completion target, happy circumstances and self-confidence. Sometimes it reminds ironic curse: "May God grant that all your wishes fulfilled!" And it can serve as a warning to make sure the person knows what he really needs and is willing to get it.

9 cups

forward position:

The happiness and mutual love. Fulfillment of desires. Pleasant communication and wise sayings. Love and love affairs come to the fore. Self-confidence. Discretion and balance between feelings and actions. Success. Material attachment. Promotion. The well-being. Good health. Follow your intuition. The perfect state of mind. Harmony with himself and with the world. Improving personal life. The triumph in the enterprises. Security, generosity and profits. Completeness of emotional life. Gifts, recognition, successful trip. The marriage built on love and reciprocity. Friendship and support. Artistic talents. Good atmosphere at work.

9 cups upside down position:

The desire to lead. Restriction of freedom. Imperfection. Making mistakes. The lack of wisdom. Depression and quarrels. Discord. Unfavorable circumstances. Promiscuous sex life. Vanity. The lack of knowledge. Fear and actions dictated by fear. Indulgence and
whims. Financial losses due to the person from his inner circle. Loss of confidence. Lies and gossip.

instructive advice cards:

Take a moment that brings pleasure, satisfaction, and achievement of high quality work... Enjoy life and create something what you believe.