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Original value "Moon" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Moon - value

Moon controls the night and therefore symbolizes the darkness and uncertainty.18 Major Arcana- it is a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious, is a journey into the unknown depths. This is a terrible way to the abyss of the soul and the fear of meeting face to face.

inner spirit:

I'm traveling on his own soul.

Images of 18 Arkan allegory reminiscent of the heroic path, clearly enclosing symbolism associated with the movement and the transition: Waters (original material), a cancer that arises from it (transient absorber as scarab by the Egyptians), a dog which delay the progress (the guards, the experts , the ability of the traveler to encounter the mystery), the tower on the horizon (full observation by means of their virtual and potential inhabitants, but also the goal - the goal limit). The soft light of the moon is sufficient to consider the forms and foundations, but the details are not covered, they are closed shade, and our imagination can present them as he wants. This card indicates the imagination and illusion, and adjusts to ask: Do we see all forms of the world?Moon alarming is a concern. Many call it the "dark night of the soul" or the "night of the soul." Feels moon, night tremors, vibrations, other than daily, cleaner and less hectic. In ancient times, the moon solar eclipse caused panic. Hence the fear, fear, fear, confusion, fear and uncertainty can be associated with this card.

AsPriest,Moon is Yin, the female path the truth - a look into the unseen depths of contemplation of the infinite inner world, where close fears and unconscious. In fact, the trip to hell - a journey of your own soul.

The connection of this card with the sign of Pisces indicates the development of mental faculties, on exposure to the external environment, for periods of calm and sudden severe depression...


in an upright position:

Drop this card hints at the waiting period, a developed intuition, the ability to see the hidden, deep. Increased emotional, fragile, romantic attitude to life. To distinguish truth from falsehood will be difficult, which may cause feelings of anxiety and insecurity.

This card bears the imprint twilight: delusion, fantasy and illusion, confusion, ulterior motives. You think that you are wandering in darkness and unable to shed light on the situation. The sense of loss of direction. Depression and hopelessness. False claims, ambivalent behavior. The reluctance to look the truth and eyes. Enemies wish evil. Unstable emotional state. The inability to make decisions. The rumors and scandals. Education through the pain, boring work, but necessary.

The moon in the inverted position:

Depression and nervous tension because of the failures and breakdowns plans. Someone is hiding behind a mask. Fears and doubts. The threat of blackmail. Health problems. Deception on the part of the loved one. Heavy heredity. Silly mistakes. The detrimental effect. Trust only yourself. An objective assessment of the situation will lead to positive consequences.

cardMoon shows the emotional rebirth, a return to life with a purified, renewed soul. The changes related to appearance, rather than a fundamental reality. The card is associated with the feminine, symbolized by the moon. Also, there is communication with the instinctive, primitive, archaic, unconscious and defensive reaction, which is expressed through images of dogs. All cheerless picture symbolizes the limited scope of purely material life and the longing of the spirit of light and life.

This Arcanum is symbolically the birth process: from a warm, safe womb will break through the narrow gate toward the blinding light of a cold peace. Luna is waiting for these gates. Moon points to the need to distinguish the appearance from reality, to determine what is authentic, and authenticity to make a steady stream of earthly life.

In the ancient temples dedicated to the moon, cycles of increasing and decreasing moon determined the rhythm of worship and rituals. Moonlight is a source of inspiration for bards, prophets and artists. Moon on the card during the dive into the deep layers of the dark side of the soul - this time a final and very difficult test. The moon is symbolic of the liquid, water, chemicals, rain, sea, etc. She always suggests the soul, any question, whether it is business or personal relationship, the soul passes through the questioner, emotionally colored, then it is important to mood, feelings and sensations that will get people giving something or talking to someone. In specific matters may need to deal with the illusions. To do this, get in touch with the fundamentals of its own internal integrity and authenticity.

instructive advice cards:

Do not give in to pessimistic and gloomy thoughts. Do not head in the clouds, to objectively assess the reality. It is necessary to listen to the voice of intuition, to tune in to the deep feelings and try to achieve insight into the practice of meditation. Rummage in their own knowledge and determine what you still need to learn.


of He stops to not get lost in the dark! There is a danger to plunge into illusion and alcohol.