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Original value "Magician" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Magician - value

1 Senior arcane mage represents management in transit and suggests using all the opportunities that sends Destiny. He tries to avoid the pitfalls and dangers that face them.

Inner attitude:

I will and I will achieve, because you want.

The magician shows many decks with working tools, which he cleverly uses, hence the importance of it - mastery, ability, agility and dexterity.Magician is the self-sufficiency and consciousness. The negative aspect of the Magician may be the deceiver, as cunning and agile, he is on top and qualified. Do you think it is clever and skillful by nature, or he uses the magical power?
The position of the hands of the Magician - converging one hand to the sky, and the index finger of the other hand he points on the ground - is the principle of "As above, so below. " Such a position could insinuate that M. receives divine power over the world and gives it to. The magician must harmonize their own desire and passion to achieve fullness and well-being in life. It is constantly evolving, tends to increase, and reflects contemplates important.
Mage card graphically depicts the central character in it, as the channel of higher powers. He directs the spiritual energy of the material world, connects the physical world with the highest spiritual beings. Wand - a phallic symbol, which he must learn how to manage and control their actions, coupled with the natural wisdom. Garden - roses, lilies and other vegetation - is the world natural resources. Roses symbolize the desire and the five senses; white lily symbolizes purity and knowledge.
A young man with intelligent eyes, depicted on the card, knows what aims, and knows their habits. It is distinguished by the Jester, detached and thoughtless, prudence, self-awareness and a lot of skill.
Explorer between Heaven and Earth, above the head which shines lemniscate - a symbol of infinite knowledge and wisdom. Nobody will be surprised if he stayed the rest of his eternal student and seeker of truth.
In reality, the card represents a person, regardless of gender, with a difficult temperament, educated, self-confident, knows the value of themselves and others. It is safe to go into any office; be sure to find a common language with the right people, familiar with the psychology of the individual, to make decisions, able to adjust to the situation, playfully refers to women and friendly men.
1 Senior lasso is visually fine line between white and black magic, between good and evil.

Magician upright:

A new initiative in many areas of life. Leadership potential, ambition, thirst for activity and new relationships. The magician has the skill and dominates the four elements, which implies the presence of imagination, determination, self-confidence. New life lessons that provide new knowledge. Pay attention to details. Development and growth of mental and physical. Think about the mechanisms and tools that are at your disposal. Gaining new experiences.
When this card falls, the questioner should look for opportunities to use their talents and creativity. You must rely on the inner strength and keep everything in their own hands. Life goes on, and to choose the path that will follow. He supervises the questioner either man or his intuition and inner knowledge...
In business matters, this card predicts welfare and hints to be active, quick to build relationships with people, to conduct a fair and open game, to use knowledge and skills, if necessary seek the advice of the magician. Ingenuity, fearlessness and faith will help to achieve the desired.
card reports to assist each other in relationships, the moral and psychological support.

Magician in inverted position:

There is nothing to hunt begin in any area. The lack of ambition or aggressiveness. Static behavior. The feeling of depression, loss of self-respect. Perhaps the causes of the problems and barriers are hidden in the magical sabotage. Braking creativity. Uncertainty. Focus on sex and physical pleasures. Ignoring obligations. Closing of the new information.

Important point:

This card is a ritual magic with a visit to the cemetery; privorotnye or otvorotnye plots for food or drink. To say this delicately client needs by asking: Do you find strange objects that were not previously belong to you? It was not any inexplicable breakdowns? Do not Have a quarrel from scratch? After asking these leading questions, you will understand what card hints dropped out, and the surrounding card prompt, who are ill-wisher, and that will help in this situation.

instructive advice cards:

Albert Einstein said: "There are two ways to live. The first - to live, hoping for a miracle. The second - to live and to administer miracles." So, look around miracles and everything that you do, perform remarkably different. Try to become a conductor of creative energy in the universe.


Do not ignore the new features. Do not do black magic.