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Original value "Lovers" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Lovers - value

in Love urge to listen to the voice of the heart, to experience the joy of communication and make a clear choice, not necessarily in love relationships. The right choice will lead to the original harmony and determine the future course of life.

Inner disposition:

I choose and decide.

Looking at the card, we can safely say that it symbolizes the union of two hearts and harmony, as well as faith, trust in the partner and the right choice. Here, on the face of love and sexual desire. A man and a woman to seek help and advice to the Higher "I". The card indicates an attempt to achieve a higher level of integrity and awareness through the union of male and female, conscious and unconscious, or mental and emotional aspects.

The Tree of Life, standing behind the man, symbolizes the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the Tree of Knowledge behind Women - good and evil, which is present in everyone's life.
The traditional meaning of this card - make important decisions. Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve are, hints at an important choice, and the characters themselves - to the temptation. The pyramid symbolizes the opportunity to reach maximum height. The card represents the unity and union of opposites. By combining the two interpretations - the love and the decision - we can say that love - the choices we make every day.

To, this card is betweenPriest(established and orthodox way) and Chariot(breakthrough), is very important. This suggests that the cardLoving can impersonate a choice between established traditions and new ways. Man must break new way of life, to think and decide on a new and abandon the traditional.

The card can hint at the first sexual relationship, familiarity with romance or for a transitional period. You will begin to see the world more broadly...

in Love

in an upright position:

This card is not always associated just with romantic relationships or emotional connection, but rather is a card change and hard choices. The choice may relate love relationships, if the issue affects questioner is this sphere of life; the choice can be between love and career. Often this choice is agonizing, as the questioner is well known that to whatever decision he may come, it will still have to sacrifice something. The person knows that the consequences of his choice will have a huge impact on his life, so hard to make this choice.

Often the card says that man is torn between feelings and reason, and here it is necessary, after weighing all the "pros" and "against" come to the right decision, while listening to the voice of intuition, not reason.

The choice between good and evil. Search advice from the Higher "I". Inspiration of the senses. The belief that the Supreme Mind help. The use of all opportunities. Controlling desires. Harmonious relationships with others. Decision-making at the moment. Favorable time for marriage. The appearance of a person in your life that can become the second-half. Pleasant friendly meetings. Emotional freedom. Committing acts dictated by emotion. Planning trips, social events, taking care of their own health.

Lovers in inverted position:

At this time, the person is not ready to give love, he can not get the energy from above, and it shows a lack of harmony in the relationship. Happiness in love will not immediately have to pass the test. Reluctance to make a choice. Delaying marriage or engagement. Fear of the need to make decisions. The man is afraid to stumble, to make a mistake. It is necessary to have more confidence in yourself, be confident in their own abilities. Surface attitude to everything. Indulging his sexual desire, health problems. Limited. Ill-considered and irresponsible actions. Indecent attitude towards others. Failure intentions.

On the sixth Arcanum "Lovers" connected to all four sixes Minor Arcana. The six - the number of harmony, balance and skill. It is associated with love for family and the home, it is to achieve success and recognition for the efforts and hard work, symbolizes contentment and good memories of the past. Her appearance in the scenario portends positive emotions and events...

This card shows on the everyday level familiarity with the opposite sex, and so you need to understand their aspirations and preferences, reject any complexes do not hesitate to say what It lies at heart. The image of this card calls to heed the voice of the heart, to experience the joy of communication, to expand the space, and not blindly cling to one man, and make a clear choice.

instructive advice cards:

Love all life on Earth, and friends and enemies, those who are good to us, and those who caused offense. Love heals and brings happiness. Learn how to make friends and to reckon with the desire and the opinions of others.


Do not take a good start already achieved the aim! Do not overestimate your strength!