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Original value "Queen of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Queen of Wands - value

Investing energy in the development of public interest

inner spirit:

I personify appeal looseness in manners and enterprise.

ThisQueen of Wands, holding a sunflower in his hand, is a fire, a warm heart, the life of joy and happiness. It may be someone who will help solve our problems, to give good advice. If it recognizes your talents or her like your enterprise, make sure you will support, will introduce you to the right people, and will use their influence so that you have achieved good results.

The cat, sitting beside her, indicating sensuality , affection, but at the same time and rapacity. Assertiveness and strength lively sexuality - a guarantee of your prosperity and good luck. You are interested in questions require passion and consciousness, and especially faith in yourself! Show what you are entitled. Decide in your own life and to live, enjoy life!

WhenQueen of Wands expresses negative energy (which may be indicated by an inverted card), it can be focused only on myself, impatient, vozmutima easy, throw on others, etc.

Queen of Wands

in an upright position:

Sociable warm, kind-hearted, loyal and independent woman. The desire to succeed in a career. Socialite, wise counselor and mentor. Ambition and imperiousness, the desire to shine in the circle of friends and acquaintances. A good and faithful friend. In personal and professional matters, she relies on her intuition and is both beautiful housewife and businesswoman. The accumulation of forces for battle. Assist. Numerous contacts in the community. Numerous dating.

Queen of Wands in the inverted position:

The desire to dominate throughout, to keep everything under control. A person who deliberately discredits you undermine your credibility. Selfishness, moodiness, irritability, inability to support others, cruelty and intolerance. In cases it is unfair play. Envy, jealousy and resentment. Limited person practitioner emotional blackmail. Hiding the truth. Vulgarity in love

instructive advice cards:

put energy into the development of public interest. Use your skills and resources for the association of creative people, ideas and projects.