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Original value "Queen of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Queen of Cups - value

mental clarity, emotional sphere aimed PA

inner spirit:

I'm capable of deep feelings and develop their intuition.

The Queen of Cups- a good mother, a wife and a housekeeper. It tends to peaceful coexistence and harmony in life.The Queen of Cups- a card showing the inner superiority and harmony, and the water surrounding it on the card symbolizes the ability to open and receive the spiritual stream and creative inspiration that nourishes our soul.

card can be friendly and understand women who want to help you. This person always listen carefully to you, to help establish itself felt in this situation.

The Queen of Cups

in an upright position:

Queen of Cups is endowed with well-developed intuition, and is in harmony with itself . It is loving and compassionate nature, a great friend, and often helps others. The life of the queen rich love and emotions. Beautiful wife and excellent mother, taking care of his family, a very sexy woman. This card advises the questioner to know the depth of his personality. It is necessary to sort out their feelings. The ability to deep feelings. The desire to control everything that surrounds it. Queen of Cups is practical, direct in his statements, suffused with spirituality. Clairvoyant to her advice, you can listen.

The Queen of Cups in the inverted position:

failures in love, the love of facilities. Suffering and feelings about separation, loss and conflict. Painful sensibility. The discrepancy between the imaginary and reality. Chance of drowning in a heap of cases. Dishonesty, tendency to prohibited methods, to blackmail. The absence of moral principles. Dishonesty, anger and jealousy. Selfishness and self-love. Materialistic and cold. Sinister man who can get you into a network of intrigue.

instructive advice cards:

Learn to balance the mental state of mind. Show the beauty and value of your feelings. Open your heart to everyone, but not everyone admits depth.