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Original value "Knight of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Knight of Pentacles - value

The desire for material prosperity

inner spirit:

I am a confident and endowed with tremendous tenacity.

Hurtling Knight of fruit-bearing area - a symbol of the heavy and hard work. He - energetic, loving individual freedom, lives freely, without being affected idols. He is proud of the work and achievements. Knight is a man who can captivate you in a new business or a new vitality area, although the appearance of the Knight may also indicate the actions that generate complexity.Knight of Pentacles indicates movement or travel is likely to work or for earning money or to promote health, or to make a purchase.

Dropped in the scenario,Knight of Pentacles can show personality type directly inherent in you or someone else.

Knight of Pentacles

in an upright position:

This card hints at the slow but steady progress. It may give the impression that the questioner is not very far gone, he goes on, but if it will keep patience, he will achieve the target. This card suggests the resolution of issues and negotiations related to money. Probably inheritance, property acquisition, etc. This Knight has tremendous energy and great health. He has a lot of aspirations and desires.

A mature man, conscious responsibility for everything he does. Methodical and pedantry. Patience, persistence, the ability to bring follow through. Organization and the avoidance of slackness. This materialist without large queries. It is not particularly sensitive and does not allow to give in to emotions.

Knight of Pentacles in the inverted position:

Getting bad news. Most likely, the news will concern deteriorating financial situation. Difficulties in implementing the plans. Financial losses. Waste activities, which brings nothing but losses. Laziness and greed. Inertia and depression. Stubbornness and indecision. A person in a state of stagnation.

instructive advice cards:

Learn to see things in each thing and to put into reality. Use the urgency of being to deal with the fate of that reward you, and for that punish. Be content with the income and achievements. Do not be afraid of windmills and barriers that arise in any case.