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Original value "Knight of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Knight of Wands - value

Incentive life changes

inner spirit:

I direct will meet the changes.

Knights usually associated with the element of air, and Wands - with fire, so thatKnight of Wands- this air fire. Indeed it can be carried away by the wind in nature, it burns bright, passionate fire. Knight of Wands act according to their own desires, they are driven by the energy and initiative. This is - the man, stimulated by their own ideas and enterprise, and before you do anything, it will first weigh all the good, find helpers and the necessary materials, and then to act. As the inventor and he loves the freedom to make independent decisions. He is not afraid of competition and rivalry, and likes to show off.

This card can suggest that in this matter need to act on their own, with confidence and enthusiasm. Flaming Knight of Wands can point to events very passionate and impulsive, possibly based on love at first sight. You can meet such a person because of a wide network of friends.

Knight of Wands

in an upright position:

This card symbolizes the travel and movement. The questioner may take a trip abroad or a holiday, or for any other reason, or move there to live. Knight of Wands heralds the events and changes will be rapid. The questioner feels an inner instinct that just about anything will happen. New interests, good news, business orders, careerism, the risk in the name of any goal. Getting good information about the work or moving up the career ladder.

Knight of Wands represents the person who can push you to go on a trip or vacation. This person will bring you something new, it will help you to understand your inner self. This conqueror, furious, impetuous, energetic, noble and generous, but also talkative. He is passionate about the history and traditions tied to

Knight of Wands in the inverted position:

Various obstacles, getting bad news, negative events. The person who brings discord and negatives. Frustration and feelings due to disruption of plans and all sorts of problems that hinder the achievement of goals. Selfishness and temper. The scandals and quarrels. The slowdown in business activity. Crudity adjudication.

instructive advice cards:

Look for creative problem solving. Hold the tasks with enthusiasm, not looking back at the past. Avoid useless ideas and goals.