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Original value "Knight of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Knight of Swords - value

Passion and belief in business

inner spirit:

I authorize any situation and win.

The activity and volatility of the Knight Sword are often in the field of intelligence. He may have noble ideals, or may be misinformation and self-righteous. The card can indicate a variety of painful quarrels and conflicts (especially if there are negative card).

Knight of Swords may indicate movement or travel for legal or educational issues. Did you come up with a very eloquent man, well versed in the affairs. Stick to your own point of view, think and communicate their own tactics without emotion. Do not allow to implicate himself in a game that could end in tears. If there is a conflict situation, fight to the end, and you win.

Knight of Swords

in an upright position:

The sudden decision to change something radically. The emergence of a new perspective, opening new horizons. This card can signal problems and troubles. Getting the bad news from relatives or close friends. Information about the quarrel, conflict, crash plans. Knight of Swords represents anger and aggressiveness. card warns to inquire tempered his impulsiveness and impatience, as they can harm him. If the questioner was in a difficult situation, he should take a stand and take matters into their own hands.

Knight of Swords represents the energetic, clever, selfish and passionate seducer. He is quick-tempered and subordinated instincts, always pursues its goals, altruism foreign to him. The scope of its action - very specific and tangible things. He warns us that to be a desperate struggle.

Knight of Swords in the inverted position:

Getting a very bad news. Difficulties and problems. Subtlety and hatred. Sudden events and occurrences. The habit does not take into account the arguments of others. Weakness, indecision, people with criminal tendencies. Health problems. Hopes and dreams will not come true. Partner, leaving behind too many broken hearts.

instructive advice cards:

Play thoughts and be curious around. Do not lose sight of the critical and skeptical approach, stay cool and ironic, responding blow for blow.