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Original value "Knight of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Knight of Cups - value

Sensuality, head in the clouds

inner spirit:

I was capable of great love.

Knight of Cups- a visionary. Being a knight - it means to be an independent, active and unpredictable, and these qualities are realized here in the emotional sphere. It acts, trusting intuition and inner feelings. The wings on the helmet and boots Knight hinted at the winged dreams. This person appreciates the spiritual qualities of his partner, and may be "predestined fate" attitude.

Among the best qualities of the Knight - clarity. He is inclined to to stop, reflect and re-evaluate and then combine to make it easy to move on.

Knight of Cups

in an upright position:

This card heralds the emergence of something new. The questioner will get some kind of an offer. It should evaluate the practical significance of this proposal before to commit. Getting good news of love. Perhaps the news of the birth of a child, a wedding or party invitation. Sensuality, capable of great love, sexuality, generosity and magnanimity. The questioner may fall in love with a man sensitive, idealistic, imaginative endowed. Knight of Cups - a shy admirer, Gazette secret or repressed desires and unbridled passions, very secretive and mysterious.

Knight of Cups in the inverted position:

A person prone to ostentation, to fraud. Getting the news that you are upset. Experiences and stress, unpleasant events. The quarrel, separation. Problems in love. Deceptions and cunning tricks. Meaningless plans. Irresponsibility in affairs.

instructive advice cards:

Follow the "desired path." Take courage and express their feelings and desires. Do not be afraid to take risks for the sake of love.