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Original value "King's Cup" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - King

Rapid imagination inherent romantics

inner spirit:

I am confident and feel firm ground under their feet.

King of Cups shows how prudent and conscious trust wonderfully coexist with the knowledge and consciousness. But confidence and trust begins where knowledge reached its de facto borders. He is endowed with dignity and sincerity, be kind, generous and caring. King knows how to control their emotions, even if around reigns emotional stress. card may indicate their support, be a doctor or a person who is engaged in artistic creation. He trusts the feelings of a loved one, and follows his desires.

King of Cups predicts success in any field related to the suit of Cups, for example, Creative arts, advocacy, religious services, etc. .

King's Cup

in an upright position:

The man is kind and friendly, sparingly to show their emotions and skilfully sheltering their feelings. The ability to control others. The questioner can get valuable advice or consolation. Caring, attentive, friendly and welcoming. A wonderful family man, a loving husband. Individual creative, take responsibility for their actions. The scientist, teacher or adviser. A thoughtful person. The responsible official with more power. Sputnik in life.

King's Cup in the inverted position:

cold, careless and not taking care of their loved ones. Instability and volatility. The cruelty, greed, irritability and tension. Sarcasm, anger, immaturity. This person is always accompanied by scandals, his neuemnost and desire to live in a big way leading to the loss, dishonor. This man may be dishonest, his life - the path of self-destruction. Health problems.

instructive advice cards:

Be diplomatic and keep a tight rein on their emotions. Concentrate on creating a home-like atmosphere and a pleasant atmosphere. Use the chance, a new start, take the inevitable with dignity.