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Original value "King of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - King of Pentacles - value

The real view of things

inner spirit:

I reach a nice position CFOs.

King of Pentacles- "salt of the earth," He can cope with the material universe, it provides assistance and support, supportive of others. To date, there is reap and that to finish. It is necessary to eliminate the contradictions. He - his father, loving obedience to cultivate respect for authority and the respect of traditions. He is the guarantor of security and stability, and is proud of the role of breadwinner.

enlightened King of Pentacles is willing to help others, and if you need financial assistance to an individual person or institution, dropped, the card indicates that You can help. Like idealized personality, King of Pentacles patient, reliable and goal-oriented person, he plans the future and ready for any crisis. As a good materialist, he knows the value of things, and committed to quality.

Introducing novelty in life, create ease living conditions in which to carry out all that suits your nature and your life views. Avoid false modesty and planted the ideals of impossible dreams that will take away your power. "If there is to reap, so there is that sow".

King of Pentacles

in an upright position:

The good-natured and loyal man who values ​​stability and prosperity. Practicality. Knowledge of financial issues, the real perception of reality. A great patience. Experienced and successful leader. A good businessman or an outstanding expert in the field of exact sciences. Reliable partner in the marriage. A sober and practical, devoid of cunning and agility, control their emotions and loving life.

King of Pentacles in the inverted position:

Laziness, selfishness impractical in financial matters. It can not be relied upon. A corrupt politician or businessman who uses dirty means to achieve their goals. Insidious greed. Wickedness and selfishness. Health problems. Pessimism. The enemy is at work or on duty. Seducer, acting on display.

instructive advice cards:

Be content achieved and use the tools and capabilities ratsionalnoi responsibly. For myself and for others to create an atmosphere of sensual pleasures, security and happiness.