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Original value "King of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - King of Wands - value

The independence and influence

inner spirit:

I am a bold and energetic.

King of Wands bold and energetic, he has huge living tasks that develops his inner strength. King Posohov expresses the spirit of fiery enthusiasm, making a person, whether male or female, a true leader. This - the majestic, active and dynamic aspect of the fire, which is a symbol of the creative imagination. His figure is the epitome of machismo, although such views are no less inherent in women. This is - the spirit of the intrepid adventurer, contests and challenges, denies the existence of the quiet charm of the average man in the street.

The hands, the King of Wands is the person (or entity) who can help you. Due to its own nature it involves the active members of the family on an adventure, vigorously promotes and helps promote their interests...

King of Wands


King of Wands - credible, energetic and has the power of human will capable to influence others. Self-confidence in their judgments. The ability to express their thoughts and to show their good side. Honesty and talent manager. The independence and authority. Ambition, the makings of a leader and talent. Loyalty in friendship. Communication skills, social activity. Inheritance. He often comes up with a brilliant idea. The discovery of new cases, positive changes. Help energetic and aspiring to action man. Seducer, who seduces, but on their own terms. This is a noble and generous man, usually married. This card is often the father.

King of Wands in the inverted position:

problems in communicating with people. The exaggerated tendency to criticize everything and everyone. Selfish desire to dominate in all tyranny. The severity, avarice, dogmatism restraint. Authoritativeness, obstinacy, emotional coldness. Losses due to the unfairness and dishonesty. Empty promises.

instructive advice cards:

keep their fate in their own hands. Be resolute. Purposefully move to the goal. Be brave in action!