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Original value "King of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - King of Swords - value

mental flexibility and pedantry

inner spirit:

I do good and achieve goals.

King of Swords- a wise, practical intellectual who carefully considers his decisions and acts justly. In the scenario,King of Swords often is the person who will help you. He always shared their views and expertise will bring clarity to the dispute or to help solve problems. People seeking advice should listen to this king, even if what he says does not like them or hurt their feelings.

Also, the card may be a man popping his nose everywhere, know-all, arrogant type which leads the entire control. The danger may be cut off from life, love of solitude and self-deception.

King of Swords

in an upright position:

mind, strength, morality and analytical skills. The independence, the ability to control their emotions and solve any problem in a logical, rational way. Wonderful Advisor and a lawyer. Nervousness. Realist, a pragmatist. Objectivity and realistic approach in business. Sometimes too hard and straight. Often the King of Swords represents the personality of heroic mold. Around this man legends, rumors and myths, since he himself gives to this issue. The card suggests that the questioner will have a new perspective that will help him to improve professional skills.

King of Swords in the inverted position:

unreliability, inconsistency, waste of energy on the little things. Irresponsibility, lack of higher feelings and moral brakes. This man never keeps his word and does not fulfill promises. Instability. Dishonesty, deception and intrigue. Abuse of power. Envious and unsociable partner. Needless cautious and timid people. Losses due to improper judgment or making the wrong decision. Problems with law enforcement.

instructive advice cards:

Define your path and stick to it until the end. Be true to yourself. Illuminate your life with bright light and wait for favorable consequences of their actions. Leave the boxes empty thoughts behind.