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Original value "Justice" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Justice - value

Justice with the sword of truth, which she holds in her hand, and balanced Libra makes us pay attention to the thoughts and understand the need for logical thinking. According to its name, it means honesty, sincerity, humility and harmony.

Inner disposition:

I sow the truth and take responsibility for themselves and their deeds

At the while Wheel of Fortune shows and inevitable vagaries of fate,Arkan Justice indicates the deeds and failures, for which we are directly responsible. In other words, these two cards say that the current life - the result of our actions: Fate gives us what we deserve.

Arkan Justice directly related to cosmic justice, and symbolizes harmony and the unity of opposites - good and evil, light and darkness, etc. While it may seem that some people avoid encounters with evil, trouble their envelope, while the great workers do not get the recognition, no matter how much work - they are always unhappy, but the main message of this card - we reap in the end what we sow, and the offense can only assume. Therefore it is necessary to lead a righteous life, to be able to answer for their actions and for the general way of life.

Our past actions create conditions in which we live in the present. Our actions create our future. Scales that Ms. Themis holds in his left hand, weigh the actions of each.

scales shown in the balance sheet, hinted at achieving the right balance by action and the ability to think about every step. Eyes strict sozertsatelnitsy wide open looking straight at you. Green cape symbolizes love and fertility. Two columns symbolize the balance of opposites.

On a more everyday level, this card shows the legislator, able to resolve any situation. It sets up to be honorable and law-abiding, and abide by the promises. Also it points to the need to be compassionate and fair to yourself and to others. This card is directly linked to Libra, and the air element that speaks of openness, striving for order, internal equilibrium, harmony and subtle artistic inclinations.


in an upright position:

Dropped, this card tells inquirers that a difficult decision, It requires careful and intelligence. The matter may be related to legislative bodies, or resolution of a matter of principle. If the questioner will firmly defend its position and remain honest, justice will be on his side. Sometimes this card can indicate that close to the questioner is a person ready to come at any time to help and give good advice.
If the questioner will maintain the internal state in peace and feel the responsibility for the actions, then no one will be able to it deceive and hinder its affairs.

This card is often heralds the moral and legal victory, that the issue will be resolved in favor of the questioner. Man committed to the development, is seeking freedom and independence. The search for truth and justice in business and personal affairs. Lies and slander will cause resentment and indignation. Testing of karmic debts due for the right care and attention. Stability and find the golden mean.

Justice in the inverted position:

The brutal lessons of fate. Injustice. The need to seek the truth in the depths of his own soul. Prolonged litigation. The difficulties and problems, irritability and hostility. Refusal of assistance. The bias. Unwary lead to failure. Depression due to failures and setbacks. Health problems. Hours of negative karma. Red tape with the documents, illegal actions with your hand or in your address. It is necessary to postpone the case, now is not the time to deal with them. Public reprimand. Unnecessary search. Violation of the emotional world. Indifference to others.

Arkan Justice claims that justice is repairing a wise person who has attained the goodness in their lives, and who can apply a set of laws impartially. He knows how laws regulate relations knows how to resolve property issues, think about what is considered rude, selfish. Time to care only about their whims and desires have passed, the time restrictions.

scales that keeps Ms. Themis should be at rest, leaning on a hard core of principles and morals. A man opens a special opportunity: get in touch with the truth. The true goal of justice - to achieve a fair balance, it is impossible to do in a dishonest world.

instructive advice cards:

Admit that you have created yourself the life that live . For example, if you do not have a relationship, think about what you've done to harmonize them. Think about what can and should be done to harmonize these relations and to live in full understanding. In the same way to think about their financial problems, work environment, etc.


Beware of prejudices. Do not judge - he'll be judged!