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Original value "High Priestess" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - High Priestess - value

The Priestess and the Empress, or represent a specific woman or a feminine nature questioner.2 High Priestess Major Arcana indicates the development of intuition in the subconscious and often hidden skills and feelings.

inner spirit:

I know and trust their instincts.

Priest- a mysterious store of wisdom. Moon indicates a dangerous opening higher knowledge foolish beings and that it is listening to the dreams and accepts the inevitability of natural cycles. Priestess sits at the doorway to the temple, it is ready and do not mind to let go to the temple swift students. Moon and water are unconscious, woman intuition. The scroll, which she holds in her hands - memories that we carry inside from the past to the present and future, called Akasha. It sits between two columns - Jachin and Boaz, which represent the duality of being, and combine aspects of yin and yang. The cross on the Priestess symbolizes the balance of the four elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire. Pomegranates symbolize the seed of life (female) at the sharp tips of palm leaves (man).
This card is in many aspects similar to the interpretation of some of the Major Arcana, and it is interesting to consider such comparisons. Priestess - the embodiment of personal discovery of the mystical aspects of spirituality, as opposed to the study of the esoteric aspects of the orthodox religion, which is the area of ​​the Priest.Magician is active and Priestess - passive receptivity. And while the magician shows the conscious mind, the Priestess - work on a subconscious level. It takes decisions in accordance with the heart and soul. Hermit looking for something physical society perceives something from which it is fenced off and is looking priestess psychic motive necessary for knowledge. Finally,Empress is associated with sexuality and sex, virginity is also a priestess or rejection of sexual relations.

If your daily life, work and the use of talents will be consistent with the spirit of the Priestess, you can get closer to this mysterious personage and become a sorceress in life.

And unlike the magician, who needed a podium, a lot of people cheering, Priestess needs to rest, she is very modest and respectful to others, which is why it is loved and respect others. Magician acts in the outside world, see all his efforts, but the priestess lives the inner life, the fruits of her labor are hidden behind an invisible face, but they cost much more than a financial reward.
In everyday life, a man who represents the Priestess, not cold or indifferent, he is always ready to help those in need. This card can impersonate mother, caring wife, patroness.

The card can hint that you need to consult the magician or fortune teller. Priestess - a knowledge of the occult, mystical secrets, magic rituals: pouring wax, lead, whispering charms and curses, healing rituals, and herbal medicine...

Priestess Upright:

The card, in the person of the High Priestess, represents a developed intuition, psychic abilities and spiritual knowledge. Knowledge of universal mystery. Intelligent understanding of the nature. Scientific and mathematical knowledge. Inquiring proceeds to the stage of training, he is interested in the esoteric, to solving a dream. Perhaps he will meet with the person having such knowledge. The man introduces questioner with the world of the unknown, the mysteries of the occult. Caring about others. The desire to get out of the relationship. Self-confidence. For male questioner this card predicts the desire of intellectual spouses assistant. A man can take a woman in marriage, it is the standard of a good wife, mother of his future children. Trust intuition. Wise use of information.

Priestess in inverted position:

misunderstanding or ignorance of the meaning of life, how to improve relationships. Constant opinions and thoughts. Fear of commitment. Decline emotional state. The questioner is not inclined to engage in self-analysis and is looking for a teacher. Ignoring intuitive abilities. The criticism, disapproval, sverhanaliz. Neglecting to hear the news. Illusions. Superficiality. The person lacks insight. Superficial knowledge stiffness. For questioner male in a position card hints that he was dissatisfied with his wife, her master's inclinations, she does not know how to look after children. Perhaps the magic harmful effects.

instructive advice cards:

Look for hidden hitherto factors. Refer to the white magician or fortune teller. Take the study of the unknown. Strive for spiritual purity.


Do not resort to black magic, a conspiracy. Do not show out of his character rigidity and coldness.