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Original value "The Hierophant" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - The Hierophant - value

Priest describes occurring in every human being to understand the need for higher education. This card signals the responsibility and right. Priest - compliance with the law, familiarity with its domestic "I" and spiritual potential.

inner spirit:

I truly believe, and keep the traditions.

Whereas thatEmperor represents the temporal power and authority, the priest - the leader in the spiritual realm. It is traditional religion, religious instruction and blessing rites and rituals, cultural traditions and taboos. But the negative side of this would be the need to see the error in the conventional wisdom and philosophy and unorthodox approach. A favorable aspect of the card - the positive side of religion as a guide and anchor expectations of human life. But in the negative, it can be self-righteous complacency, which can lead to religious fanaticism and oppression.

Priest can be cultural traditions and indicate a conscientious person who has mastered the manners. Priest holding a holy scepter symbolizing the three worlds - physical, astral and ethereal.

Priest often see teachers mysterious mysteries, it may be training and education in general. In addition to teaching, he protects and hides the secrets of unworthy students. And so this card can directly indicate that the wiser to keep the secret.

In the context of obschebytovom this card can be linked with hierarchies and promotion, such as climbing the corporate ladder. If you look closely, you can see on the card 2 priests facing Hierophant. This may indicate a mediation between the two parties.

Sometimes the priest represents the initiation of a group, or simply belonging to a group, such as club team...

While the Priestess implies virginity Priest points to a platonic relationship. Also in the sphere of relations Priest can show approval or disapproval of people, families or society with respect to non-Orthodox relations.


in an upright position:

The card says that man is in search of spiritual guidance, may be a religious mentor. The priest represents the spiritual strength, inner wisdom and higher learning. In addition, the card can allude to receive good advice, sometimes for a period of learning. It appears in the scenario could mean that the questioner should look into his soul and find answers to the questions of philosophical and spiritual nature.

You might be busy with the study of any matter, prefer to self-knowledge. card may imply that life questioner was a man who would be a good teacher, a trustee or a psychoanalyst, who will guide the right path and will help you understand yourself and life in general.

This card advises to look at the problem from different sides and to choose a new way to resolve the situation and implementation.

Guardian Angel. The desire to study and learn new things. Getting help in a difficult situation. Time to meditate, think about all the good. Trust intuition as a guide. Search the approval and support of others. Dissatisfaction with superior persons or those who currently control the situation. The belief in the cosmic wisdom. The ability to hear the heart. Karma. Spiritual possibilities. Minor changes. It's time to think about your soul. The study of religious literature. Cleanliness and respect. The pursuit of heavenly love.

Priest in the inverted position:

Disappointment spiritually. The thirst for pleasure. Indulgence. Interest only to the material. Frivolous actions. Lack of faith in themselves and in a higher power. The person who gives bad advice. Hypocrisy, duplicity. The false religious doctrines. It is possible that a person involved in a cult, it is used. The reluctance to accept new information. Burdened by karma. Changes for the worse. The man does not think about his soul, he does the low acts. The desire for carnal love, to physical pleasures. The man did not go to the temple.

The priest - is the search for meaning, truth, the path that leads to spiritual development. This is a grown man, a spiritual mentor or teacher, a wise and indulgent. This card can embody spirituality, experience, and philosophy of life. Man begins to analyze its achievements and losses, summarize and understand that all earthly things, what he can see and touch - a real illusion.

Remember that the card is the presence of life in society. Man, personified by her, she is committed to integrity in money matters and appreciates honesty. He knows how to manage people, guide them to the right path, his logical thinking and practical vein well with intuition.

The priest says, enjoy material abundance of Mother Earth, but to the letter obey the laws. Only in this way order and harmony will be saved and you will live in peace and harmony.

instructive advice cards:

Consider the conventional wisdom of your culture as you strive to gain experience, but remember that such wisdom - just a guess. Carefully revise all and note only the necessary. Follow the law of God and strive for perfection.


No need to play the role of saints. Do not become a fan!