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Original value "Hermit" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Hermit - value

The Hermit, wise and patient, feeling the way staff symbolizes the inner light that does not stray from the path, as if there were no dark around. He forges a sword in the privacy of victory...

Inner attitude:

I have gained knowledge and wisdom.

The Hermit- a wise and knowledgeable elder, who left civilization to live like a monk, secluded and away from the active life. Raising his lantern, he lights the way for anyone who follows the path of spiritual enlightenment. The very image of an old man symbolizes wisdom, maturity and find clarity. Yet, despite its remote habitat, people seek his wise counsel and guidance. The lantern, which he holds, indicating the search for truth and meaning, or is it a beacon indicating refuge elsewhere. Hermit - search for self-knowledge, the impact of the spiritual forces, finding meaning in life.

The Hermit has found its way and can help each go their own way. His gray beard and cloak symbolizes the fusion of male and female. It should not be confused with the Priest, which is common and orthodox teacher. Hermit - iconoclastic guru who is a spiritual quest through personal experience, rather than through religious dogma. Staff on which it is based - a phallic symbol, symbolizing the subconscious. This card can mean a deviation from the cares of the world, or a comfortable stay alone. Sometimes each of us need to be alone with yourself and engage in self-knowledge. Hermit reached the top of the mountain, that is, It achieved its goal.

The Hermit

in an upright position:

The search for answers. Loneliness. Wisdom, gaining the experience. The ability to do everything right. Find a teacher or mentor. Meditation classes. The acquisition of new experiences on the job. The newly built relationships with others. Getting advice from a trusted and reputable person. Setting new goals. Spiritual development. Search spiritual values. Deepening into his inner world, be careful. Internal meetings. Tolerance. Completion of the project, planning trips and travel. Meeting with an older man, elder...

Hermit in inverted position:

The lack of wisdom and insight. Selfishness and intolerance. Suspicion. Unproductive lifestyle. Rejection of the assistance that you have pulled out of a difficult situation. A critical look and superficial judgments. Limited thinking and attitudes. Complexes in sex. The inability to understand... Lack of desire for spiritual growth and development. Fear and guilt. The lack of growth and development. Failures. The material and physical needs in the foreground.

The hermit devoted his life to the search for truth. He sought solitude, peace and freedom. Those lucky enough to earn his approval, will be able to get the plug wise counsel. For the young, this card can mean the period of seclusion from the hustle and idleness proceeds to debt. The newly started business will require work and overcome the obstacles that arise in abundance at every step. We must be able to rise above the daily bustle, abandon pettiness, carping and complaints.

a man who represents this card, not boring one, he is looking for peace and quiet. He has a patron who financially help and good advice will help, inspire in difficult times.

The Hermit Doctrine should teach us that difficult times do not have negative impact on us: this time gives us a chance to delve into themselves to review their lives, feelings and emotions. All born in the darkness of the great emotions...

instructive advice cards:

meditate or ponder deeply what is happening. Ask yourself: What are the objectives I now need to strive for? Develop spiritual potential, aiming for high goals.


Do not isolate yourself from the world! Do not engage in self-deception!