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Original value "Hanged" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Hanged - value

A man hanging upside down - a symbol of the situation when looking at life from a different perspective. Self-sacrifice - a voluntary act, therefore, deliberately sacrificing anything, you are responsible for the consequences.The Hanged Man is a complete revolution, and recompense, acceptance of fate and the search for deeper meaning.

inner spirit:

I'm looking at life from a different point of view

Hanging in the leg, but not the neck, with a look of complete serenity,The Hanged Man- a symbol of voluntary self-sacrifice, he seeks to gain higher knowledge. Like Odin, he is hanging on the World Tree Yggdrasil in search of wisdom, contemplating the world upside down and finding spiritual enlightenment and understanding of others. It is linked inevitably and liabilities. Green foliage on the tree hints at the potential.

While the Hermit is seeking spiritual growth and walked away from the company, Hung is idle, also alone, so that the card It alludes directly to do deep thinking and meditation. Through meditation, you can resist the temptation to become enlightened. She points to the redemption and atonement through self-sacrifice, and suffering. Considering this concept in a negative aspect,The Hanged Man may allude to sacrifice someone or martyrdom. A glowing halo around the head of the Hanged alludes to the superior wisdom and crossed legs point to some limitations.

The card indicates that the need to turn to the past images and actions, and to develop spiritual growth. It is necessary to be patient and learn from their mistakes, and look closely to other missteps.

The image of a hanged man may allude to a lack of self-control in your life, to the coup guesses, assumptions and beliefs. This can cause problems, especially in my personal life.

The connection of this card with the planet Neptune speaks of fantasy and prophecy of the mental capabilities and the manifestation of genius.

The Hanged Man

in an upright position:

Some of this card can cause fear, but in fact, it does not mean physical punishment, and does not portend trouble. Hung says that the questioner has decided to do spiritual practices, detached from everyday life and are unable to change the existing circumstances. The questioner seems that he fell into the trap, it is ruled by fear and great anxiety. To move forward, it is necessary to sacrifice something valuable. We'll have to take independent decisions and to understand that despite the losses, is sure to come in return for something new, and the situation will change for the better.

The revolution of the whole system of values. The transition to a higher level of development. The painful experience of the disappearance of something out of life, but it is necessary for the good of the future. The turning point in his life. It is necessary to look at life from a different angle, to gain a new perspective. Debt. Self-sacrifice for the sake of the desire. Erroneous beliefs. The illusions and fantasies are not supported by reality. Keeping calm and patience, you will be able to come to the light, freedom and peace in my heart.

The Hanged Man in the inverted position:

egocentrism, excessive immersed in his case, a useless pursuit of an unattainable dream. The painful process. Parting. Spiritual adultery. Obstacles. You can very easily deceived. Treachery, cunning others, the acquisition of false knowledge. The inability to answer. Confusion, irritability. Lack of faith in a higher power. The human brain does not receive the information above. Gullible. Escape from life. Vague, vague feelings. Madness, taking drugs. Selfishness. The desire to satisfy material needs, but not spiritually grow.

Dropping, this card indicates that progress is problematic and difficult to understand any experience. There comes a time when a person begins to languish internally at first he could not understand what was happening to him, that does not allow him to accept the usual calm. You find yourself cornered, deprived of all human possibilities and find yourself Naga and helpless in the face of circumstances. Life brings only inconvenience for the man himself, and for others, because the new does not fit into the stability that made perceive the person in a certain perspective. The person should put up with the humiliation and voluntarily accept what seems incomprehensible and intolerable, and we must do it with all my heart.

The card shows human adaptation period between a new understanding of the world, soul-searching. It is a time of transition and testing, an intermediate step, which will help to make the necessary review and wake up to something good about what you do not even suspect. An unusual turn of events will lead to something completely new and unusual....

instructive advice cards:

Change your perspective on what surrounds you. Explore profoundly important aspects of your life. Think carefully about the future course of action, set new goals. It is necessary to grow and improve.


Do not "hang up" and act! Not try to work, if you can not predict its end.