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Original value "Four of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Four of Pentacles - value

Financial stability and order

inner spirit:

I keep calm and rational order.

The man shown inFour of Pentacles, is interested only material wealth. This is a decree on financial security, the maintenance of well-being. Knowledge and ability to bring satisfaction and creating a solid foundation. The card is crowning you talents and abilities that you can be proud of.

Four of Pentacles can point to a safe and comfortable home life, you can enjoy a pleasant spending time in your own apartment. Note that the background adorns the city. Try to pass on to others the key of your personal world. Expand the boundaries in which you reside. The card indicates that the person is protected, it has a firm footing.

4 Pentacles

in an upright position:

Achieving financial stability, the acquisition of wealth. Greed. Buying or selling a property. The desire for enrichment, the desire for accumulation of wealth. It is necessary to keep the financial situation, but did not reach skuperdyaystve. If the questioner is too attached to material things, it fails to get wealth, which dreams. Legacy. The effort, creative inspiration will bring tangible results. Wellness. The amount of money that gives confidence in the future and a sense of stability. Boring, gray life. Strong family, established way of life, comfort, respect for each other. Gifts, protection, social benefits, humanitarian assistance, the award. A low social status, thoughts are only material, money matters. The work brings a stable result.

4 Pentacles in the inverted position:

The man does not realize the value of money. Financial problems. Restrictions stagnation. Gambling. Wasteful. It is necessary to balance the budget. Health problems due to financial problems. Inexperience in money matters. Discharging into the air of its own values. Losses reduction in capital. Chaos in business and in the world. Nesobrannost and riots. Pettiness around. The destruction of the rest of life and well-established standards. Carelessness and irresponsibility. Calculation in everything, even in love.

instructive advice cards:

cast away boasting and hypocrisy. Develop their own resources. With full responsibility concentrate on matters for which the answer.