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Original value "Four of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Four of Wands - value

The fruits of this work

inner spirit:

I have long-term plans.

On this card People come out of the fortress, surrounded by a high wall, to take part in the festival. card predicts joyful celebration, people celebrate the completion of goals or achieve something important. It may herald the return home, the meeting after a separation, a wedding or a pleasant environment. This card may indicate a rest, sincere feeling of success. The first fruits produced, I want to share with others.
In a love relationship card predicts well spent evening, peace of mind and confidence in your partner. Success in Business will be marked with a feast. The surrounding are sincerely glad luck colleagues.

Four of Wands can symbolize a situation where a few people who are in different parts of the world, come and support the same idea. Invest some of the vital forces of the house, housekeeping, and other personal projects.

4 rods

in an upright position:

The man knows what to do at work and how to behave in society. Sustainable business practices and successful social dating. Creative achievements. Success as a result of hard work. The fruitfulness and endurance. Marriage. Buying and selling real estate. The desire for order. Achieving and harmony. Finding like-minded people. Sudden onset of prosperity. Peace and tranquility. Enjoying the results of their work. At the moment, people reaping the fruits of his labor, his happy life and in personal and professional terms. The effort led to the attainment of its goals. A return to old cases, but with lessons learned. A new round of life. Widening the circle of acquaintances. Invitation to the guests at the party. Internal dostignutogn satisfaction, peace of mind and confidence in your partner. Engagement, in the case of marriage in the future.

4 rods in inverted position:

The man did not understand why in work and social activities all unstable. It is not possible to realize. The defeat. Loss of fertility. The decline in business activity. Wasteful exhaust financial resources. Separation or divorce. Rash actions. Selfishness. The prolonged rest lead to failure in business. Laziness and whims will lead to frustration and conflict instability. The severance of relations. Confusion and confusion of thoughts.

instructive advice cards:

Plan a holiday, even if it is small, the universe will support you. Do not be alarmed when the moment of contradictions. Have the courage to deal with them, revealing at the same time creative. Develop a solution that will put down roots and enjoy order and stability