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Original value "Four of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Four of Swords - value

Recuperation and understanding debt

inner spirit:

I protect myself from certain situations.

Four Swords shows serenity, relaxation, healing of the soul and physical ailments, retreat, meditation, introspection and daydreaming about future victories. It may imply that people decided to go to rest, to gather strength for further progress, conflict, or search. The card can indicate that a person has retired, and thus protect themselves from certain tests. Maybe you should stop working, requiring a large voltage, or limit to communicate with people who suck energy.

In many cases,Four Swords does not apply to domestic as well to Spiritual silence means contentment and personal conscience. At the center of the card: the symbol of conscience and peace of mind. As long as the guns silent, all is quiet around. The time can and should be used for the accumulation of forces, savings yourself licking the wounds and prepare for the new storm.

4 swords

forward position:

This card offers the questioner to be alone to rest and recuperate. Man is aware of ongoing problems and troubles. Rest after fight. Have faith. Overcoming the mental struggle. The retreat, relaxation and healing. Search for help from domestic sources. It is necessary to suspend the excessive indulgence. Pay attention to health. Inaction, hatred, contempt for the world. Forced isolation, which will benefit. Stagnation in business. Circumstances that may unsettle, cause malaise. Devastation. Indifference to everything going on. The awakening of philosophical thought. Man goes into depth, turns inward.

4 swords in inverted position:

A person can not cope with the problems. Anxiety and nervous tension. Burning candles on both sides creates a physical problem. Distrust. Rash actions. Uncertainty. The conflict showdown. The obstacles, delays, long wait.

instructive advice cards:

Tidy own thoughts and light their own knowledge. You must surrender to the joy of life, to forget about the problems for some time. It should always be in full readiness.