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Original value "Four of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Four of Cups - value

The desperate search for physical pleasure

inner spirit:

I look only forward, not looking back.

A man sitting under a tree, ignoring the cup, which gives him a universal mind, because he meditates on the three cups, facing him. The spiritual power that you have been given - is the foundation and the motor of your personality and your feelings. Give your own strength, internal weakness and general personality - to grow and prosper. Your soul will tell you where you came from and where it will take you a spiritual journey.

The card may indicate the periods of time when the person is not ready to make a decision or take action, and all because you need to understand the essence of the difficulties and obstacles holding it.Four Cups can be a time when our subconscious needs become thoroughly sweep and "visible" to us. Try to stay in silence, through meditation and free from obstructions. In the quiet, alone with the cosmic energies, you gain new knowledge, which until now dominates the silence.

4 cups


Love and emotions. Focusing on the past experiences of love, which can not be positive. Man is aware of the potential new love relationship. Overcoming Depression and finding new change of attitude. It is necessary to let go of old ways and habits. New features. The demand for sexual balance. New connections. Meet new people. Gaining new knowledge. New approaches to old problems.

4 cups upside down position:

A man in love is not realized, emotional decline. Failed love affairs. Relationships evoke boredom. Disappointment in love, or a sexual relationship. Fear of commitment. Rejection, failure, boredom. Resentment and frustration as expectations were not fulfilled. Stalemate. Separation or loss. Inexperience in the relationship. Unrealistic goals. Difficulties with the emotional disclosure. Bitter experience. Stagnant period in life.

instructive advice cards:

Seize every opportunity. Enjoy the moment. Do not ask and do not expect unnatural urge to listen to intuition. Learn to enjoy the solitude, and at the same time carefully listen to the internal flow of the soul.