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Original value "Fool" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Fool - value

A man starts his spiritual path he chooses and the way he walks with a light heart for her, raising his head high. In front of him waiting for the obstacles and hardships, but the man is still waiting for help from above.

Major Arcana 0 makes one wonder: "Where are we going?" butJester, the image on it, enjoys life and does not notice that stands at the edge of the abyss. He is ready to fall off a cliff at the beginning of his life...

inner spirit:

I thirst for new experiences and easy to walk through life.

The Fool ready to catapult into the unknown. This may seem a little intimidating, to be sure, but it beckons. He paddles without measure and ready for adventure. Having incommensurable distance, he will find freedom and knowledge. Jester trust their own instincts and card points directly to this quality.

The Fool, man is in search of sensations, he walks with a knapsack on his back, which contains everything that is necessary for happiness. Staff, on which hangs a knapsack, a phallic symbol, used them to relieve the burden, which is not really hard. Rose, which he holds in his left hand, the symbol of Venus, the planet of love and desire. Best friend, dog, tries to warn him of the impending danger, and calls for caution. The dog also represents the animal nature in man and the five senses. The snow lying on the mountaintops, hints at how cold can be a world in which we live, and is indifferent to everything. White sun shining behind him, the true source of life, superconsciousness.
People endowed with the spirit of freedom, something similar to the Jester. Yet the lack of inhibitions or ignoring social norms can lead to a vision of the world from a different angle and discover its unprecedented beauty. People rushing in risky enterprises, can achieve unprecedented results, and can slip and fall on a completely smooth surface. But in the end, we must remember that if babies were afraid to fall, none of us have not learned to walk.
Dog worried about his master, as the experience of the parents of the child. Here you can see the misunderstanding, conflict, some strong emotion (the dog) and carelessness of others (Jester).

Jester upright:
The card marks the beginning of a new cycle in your life, the thirst for new experiences, untapped potential and any new business. The events described by this card, always unexpected, not planned to cause a burst of energy and enthusiasm, there is bound to be present share of risk, originality (ie difference from others) and adventurism. To inquire the next step forward and receive calls destiny. What exactly lies ahead - is unknown, but it is necessary to believe in the providence and follow the intended path.
At loss of card hero depicted in it, hinting that questioner, people friendly, may abandon selfishness and tends to the spiritual development, leaving material acquisitions behind. The man believes intuition rather than common sense.
Lunge card says that man has created new opportunities. However, not everything goes according to plan, it should be ready for the unexpected. Perhaps the questioner is ready to know the unknown, his amazing discoveries await.
It is necessary to show the utmost diligence and caution, all alone imprudent, and you are in the abyss. Look closely at the people around.

Jester in inverted position:
self-doubt. Irresponsibility, and therefore need to increase the responsibility. The voltage in the presence of such a person. Stupidity and loss of reference points. Striving for an idle life, to the pleasure. Eccentric snapper. Distressing jokes. Uncontrolled behavior. Insecure environments. Illusions, anxiety in his soul. Methane and separation because of the stupidity and bad coincidence. Hasty conclusions, selfishness, mercantile spirit. Friends negatively influencing providing a bad influence.

instructive advice cards:

Think about what you would like to change in your life, and what to fear. What scares you really? Trust your own instincts and believe in dreams. Remember to always saying: "If going to jump, do not forget to lay a straw..."


Do not make hasty conclusions and hasty steps.