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Original value "Five of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Five of Pentacles - value

Rampant indomitable earth elements

inner spirit:

I have gained experience of life.

Five of Pentacles- a card that when it makes a certain cringe. It may allude to failure, poverty, poor health, loneliness, cold, in the low self-esteem. But it is not as bleak as it may seem at first sight.

The life comes a tipping point. The base of the walls - nothing: walls, which in the past served as a reliable support, home, now they are deceptive, they are excluded from your peace and happiness - they have become shaky.Five of Pentacles can warn about changing financial situation, you may feel the need, or will be limited your freedom.

The brightly lit church window indicates that the comfort and support to somewhere near their only need to find and accept. Two pictures of people can be loyal to your friends or lovers who stick together at all times.

5 Pentacles

in an upright position:

This card is hinting at a loss, failure, or the financial collapse collapse in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. The feeling that luck is passed by. Unemployment. Lack of faith in themselves, in their own strength and ability. Earth care. Worries about tomorrow. Discomfort in soul and body. Lack of money. Disappointment. Limited, impoverished thinking. Health problems. It is necessary to turn to prayer and spiritual development. Breakdown. Heavy experience. Collision. Imbalance in the work.

5 Pentacles in the inverted position:

The lack of advancement, limiting, destructive actions and behavior, gossip, slander, and stipulate the need to pay the debt, the person will lend or give money, failures which lead to a nervous breakdown and depression, the desire to stick to the old methods, the inertia in the business. Overspending energy, fear and vulnerability. Disharmony. Revenues from illegal sources. The injustice and resentment on the part of another. The lack of change creates fear and depression. The man does not listen to the inner voice and gets into difficult situations.

instructive advice cards:

Drop unsubstantiated claims and barren obligations. To get a reward or profit on the physical level, you first need to create anything. Try to find pleasure in everyday life.