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Original value "Five of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Five of Wands - value

Wrestle in all areas

inner spirit:

I live lessons and gains experience of life.

The number of five in the suitRods shows the struggle and competition, and maybe sports. Perhaps the characters depicted on the card, engaged the joint construction. Interpretations of this card are different, and they suggest a purposeful struggle to overcome important challenges scrapping of internal and external barriers to change in the direction of thought. This card encourages transform negative emotions into positive inner energy which will work for the benefit of the masses.
card teaches man to understand what he can and get the first fruits, to master themselves, recognize the right of existence of other, no less motivated talented. It can be seen living life lessons and getting life experience.
After this card is the liberation of all superfluous. Events are full of conflicts, and the man - confident. This card opens up new horizons, providing new opportunities, its energy is useful in peaceful manner, in a purposeful achievement of objectives.
Do not try to measure their own willpower, if the intention had once carried. The movement of all things indicates likely your desire or that from you "require" life. To understand these impulses are not always easy and simple, but get them, he took up as much as possible.

5 rods


card reports that questioner intends to come to grips with others. This fight can be difficult and will require courage and patience. Conflict of interest. The desire to achieve their own, despite the obstacles. Refinement and faith in the idea. Excessive desire. Changes at work, in business and at home. Self-discipline, power. Internal and external conflicts. Quarrels and disputes, disagreements and disharmony. Determination and self-confidence. Exemption from the hard slog cargo. The opening of new horizons, new opportunities. Exhausting work. The risk of becoming a victim of intrigue. The standoff.

5 rods in inverted position:

A lot of hassles, injustice, brutal struggle. Lack of faith in their own ideas and desires. Fear. Uncertainty. Endless conflicts. Problems with the legislature. Low self-esteem. Malicious attacks from the outside. Selfishness. Misunderstanding. Maximalism. Fraud opposition. The coldness and cruelty. Anger, protest, wrangling.

instructive advice cards:

In any conflict try to see the creative energy. Conceit and vysokoomerie lead to isolation from the environment. Declare their interests and priorities in life.