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Original value "Five of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Five of Swords - value

active and energetic competition

inner spirit:

I resist potential adversaries and triumphs.

Five of Swords can show differences, betrayal, humiliation, degradation, cruelty imprudent or selfish actions. Like the card5 Wands, is - Fight Card and conflicts, but there prevails aggression, conflict of ideas and words. It may allude to win the argument and lose friends. card may indicate activity and vigorous competition with others. It is difficult to predict who will be the winner himself questioner or his competitors.

When this card is dropped in the scenario, ask a question: "Do you want to be first, right or want to be successful?"Five of Swords- a cleansing, cutting off all the excess in an attempt to overcome the earthly. We need to take a step and abandon the usual perception of the world - so you will gain new knowledge and understand the position of others.

Accept and agree with the need. Find meaning in victory and in defeat. Took seriously the fears, concerns and diseases. Maybe you will be protected from the unpleasant act of meanness, malicious slander, or dirty tricks. Fight is strong enough, and remember that even replaced Black Friday weekend, during which you will come to life.

5 swords

in an upright position:

card brings opposing awakening. The Power is directed to the destruction on the road to shake all that hinders. Luck turns into an empty ambition. Whatever action one performs, they do not bring him to the goal, there will be something that people did not expect. Cruelty. Breaking the old world. The desire to be above others, the desire to satisfy his ambition. This card can report that a person is powerless to do anything, it is to accept defeat. Humiliation. Changing the direction of life. Clashes contradictions. The impasse and defeat. Gossip and envy. The lack of organization will lead to failure.

5 swords in the inverted position:

conflicts, aggressive attacks. The loss situation. Total defeat. Cruelty. Abuse of power. Disharmony. The severance of relations. Mistakes and errors. Shame, intrigue, the bitterness of defeat. The loss of a chance of promotion. Depletion. Major failures. Wounding a loved one.

instructive advice cards:

Aim your energy in the right direction. Get rid of addiction. Be honest in everything, not Taita own views and opinions in front of spiritual needs. Rasstantes with internal imperfections.