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Original value "Five of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Five of Cups - value

The conflict in the sense

inner spirit:

I'll take an emotional renewal.

Five Cups can show the inner grief, bereavement, cry "of spilled milk," strong emotions, righteous anger, or mad romantic infatuation. card may hint at an emotional loss, such as the completion of an unhappy relationship, it can swim here all defects in building relationships, all omissions.

Five Cups is related to the variables that affect the inner life and often destroying the established emotional comfort. Discontent and trying to understand the meaning of life make people seek satisfaction in is beyond everyday life, relationships and common things.

You will find a lot of surprises, excitement, adventure, diversity, creative energy, new opportunities and the search of large knowledge. You may be drawn into the conflict. Impulsive words and actions, risk, failure to adhere to the objectives, could lead to negative results. But it is also said that he will not remain alone with their grief, and can count on the sympathy and help of friends.

5 cups

in an upright position:

This card promises a disappointment, regret, feelings of rupture relationship, friendship decay. Insincerity, deceit. Frustration. Problems due to the adoption of drugs or alcohol. The memories hurt. Loneliness and sadness. Passivity. Tension. Matter triumphs over the spirit. Humility with the loss incurred. Understanding the motivations of their own behavior. Spiritual ransformatsiya.

5 cups upside down position:

A man is ready to overcome obstacles. A new look on life. News that inspired hope. Tying new alliances. Return to old friends. Trust your partner. Man ceases to cling to the past, realize that all is not lost, and that in front of him waiting for joy.

instructive advice cards:

Stop sad, indignant and repent, add turn and cross the bridge. Do not bury yourself alive. Do not remember the past. Act wisely and take care of their own values.