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Original value "Empress" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Empress - value

The Priestess and the Empress, or represent a specific woman or women are questioner.3 Major Arcana The Empress alludes to the cycles of nature and harmony, it is the embodiment of earthly life, earthly concerns.

inner spirit:

I create and prosper.

The Empress- Mother Nature, because it sits in its immediate surroundings, which gives us life and everything in abundance. She is - Venus, planet of love and romantic gifts. The Empress is often depicted pregnant, embodying the creative energy, productivity and growth. It promises a good harvest in the future. She is busy looking for the pleasures of sex, creativity and friendship. As the image of the true mother, she worries about all his children equally, takes care of their good education. Shield it is love, and the scepter - the symbol of Venus - a penchant for carnal pleasures. The crown on his head symbolizes power. Its color - green, indicating love and growth. Taking into account thatPriest represents the female intellect and power of intuition, Empress shows a woman's body. She's a seductress, a wife and a good mother, and thus represents sensuality, sexuality and unrestrained lust in life. She quietly whispers to us: You have to love yourself and grooming...
On a more theoretical level, the Empress is the creative energy and potential chaos with which the Emperor puts things in order. But the marriage between the two should be equal, they must balance each other to eternal harmony reigned. The situation in which chaos spreads unchecked, can escalate into destructive anarchy, and too much control and attention should be given toEmperor, can deplete his vitality...

Empress is the embodiment of earthly life and everyday concerns. This card - the embodiment of business, adventurous woman who loves his job and with great interest to execute it. In any case, it brings beauty, a touch of optimism. It is true your partner may love, but next to it is to be a man, she would respect.
The question of the relation Empress hints that a man takes a woman as a business partner, respects her and slightly afraid.
In matters of business card advises to seek help from a woman endowed with traits listed above.

Empress - the embodiment of earthly mother with her love, trust, sensitivity, the ability to merge with their child. But it can also turn into an evil stepmother, be greedy, jealous and false...

The Empress Upright:

Mother Nature, symbolizing the gifts of nature and fertility. It recalls that all subject cyclicality and matures, and dies in the allotted time. The questioner himself in a position to improve the situation, he has this power. The man himself creates his own life. Potential pregnancy. Focusing on happiness and pleasure travel. It is necessary today to communicate their desires. Questions relating to the mother, sisters or other women important to you. Time to use creative talents. Positive growth period. Close to the desired goal and the dream is about to come true. The obstacles are eliminated. Authority figures, to show affection and care. This card is associated with the pleasures of life, and be satisfied life.

The Empress in the inverted position:

A man can not create life. The problems with the mother or other women. Failures. Problems in sex. Man makes himself miserable. Uncertainty in their own creative abilities, inability to find love. Lost relationship. The impasse in the creative self-expression. Refusal of motherhood. Domestic troubles and financial difficulties. The decline of his powers. Infertility. The inability to express feelings. Obstacles on the part of women.

instructive advice cards:

seizing the moment to think about what to do to satisfy his soul. You do not need to do something unusual. You can, for example, spend a few minutes after sitting in silence in the garden with a cup of herbal tea lover. Perhaps, in such a situation you refresh your spirit and work wonders. Strive for harmony and beauty.


of He nose up high. Do not break the rhythm of nature. Avoid excesses.