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Original value "Emperor" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Emperor - value

If the Empress- the mother, the Emperor - his father. It represents the power of the mind and social peace. Emperor - an internal control, discipline, willpower and the need to take up their lives, to understand how I live and what I aspire to.

inner spirit:

I put into practice .

The Emperor- a symbol of a balanced mental activity. He - an experienced and reputable, age and position held. Just as the Empress symbolizes the real mother, the Emperor is the true father is the one to whom we trust and who look forward. He cares about the welfare of others and in addition dictates the rules and regulations needed to control life. In other words, he takes on the responsibility, commensurate with its mandate. Emperor - the wisdom and kindness. The throne on which he sits, a symbol of passive and armor on it - a symbol of the active.

On a personal level Emperor can be a structure, stability, domestic order. He quietly hinted to us before you seek to control the world around them, first learn to govern themselves, and for that you must learn and be disciplined.

It takes logical decisions based on reason, rational intelligence, thereby balancing the emotional aspect of the Empress. Emperor - is planning, analysis, management and implementation of projects.

The Emperor- a respected figure with the authority, which covers the area of ​​social issues, against the religious issues that worried Priest. It may represent the company as a whole, or may embody social structures - the man who rules in these structures. From this we can deduce that the Emperor is associated with social laws and their implementation.

The negative aspect of the Emperor might find when he shows his ossified thinking, when abuses of power and authority.

The Emperor

in an upright position:

Drop this card suggests that the questioner takes a stable and reliable position and has determination and abilities needed to achieve these goals. The emperor represents the strength, self-control, discipline and responsibility. Inquiring defined his place in life, he is ready to take the responsibility.

For the questioner is the moment when you need not sit with folded sleeves, and act, pondering each step, listen to your intuition. It will be possible to take a leading position or responsibility for any business - will be followed by a promotion or reward. Man will get the status and takes a high position in society.
This card can also hint that life will questioner very domineering and powerful man. Or questioner seek advice from a very influential and trustworthy person.

Balance realization activity. The ability to use his powers. Leadership qualities, the ability to control himself. Man treat everyone with love. Favor. Buying or selling real estate. Resolution domestic problems. Good mental ability. Deep analysis before making anything. Wise and reliable lawyer. Ambition and energy to achieve the goal.

Emperor in the inverted position:

The man does not realize their potential, being frightened and immature, can not bring ideas to life because something interferes. Rather, it prevents certain authoritarian and despotic personality. On a personal level card indicates that the person is unable to control even the most weak emotion. Not enough energy and strength to solve problems. Failure to occupy a leading position due to inexperience or laziness. Egotism and arrogance. Ruthless action and deficiencies in many areas of life. Emperor in such a position can embody "six" - a person dependent on strong people. The card can hint that you are in such a relationship. Excessive sexual needs. The mentality of the child. Dishonesty instability. Materialism.

We have before us a wise patron, wealthy and successful, has achieved recognition. He - the owner, and all shall answer for others, loved ones, for the employees and for the spoken word. His words with deeds, he is a family man, devoted to his half loves their kids and trying to give them the best.

The hands, this card can impersonate the head of the unit, the manager, a man endowed with power and authority. He will always help in word and deed. This model of a real man, a man elected, stands out from the crowd. Male principle of "yang" and he shines from within.

If your client - a woman, something fell, the Emperor shows her excessive demands on men, alluding to the fact that she is looking into the crowd only a wealthy man who fulfill all her whims from A to Z, and not man with empty pockets.

instructive advice cards:

You need to determine what your life is out of control, is in disarray, and which because of this problems. Maybe you have to byt more disciplined, correctly manage time or organize the right train of thought. Engage in self-improvement.


Do not let the progress of others. Do not make a law, despising others. Do not stop because of the cases and die-hard stubbornness.