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Original value "Eight of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Eight of Wands - value

impulsive actions

inner spirit:

I wish vlplotit their ideals.

TheSeven of Wands we had to deal with the opposition, but in the eightEight of Wands, flying through the air, display a unity of purpose and attitude "at full speed". In this chart we can see the desire to put everything in motion and free flight. Here again or resumed activities, or there is something unexpected boost, giving rapid progress. Accelerating the process of real progress. But the card contains a warning: "Be careful, do not let the flying objects to get out of control".

8 rods indicates stronger position, concentration of energy. Plans are powered by the free ends are connected and past projects have been completed. Do away with the state of "hanging in the air" and move the line. Update color and precede to life witchcraft force that is in you! If she fell in the scenario, then comes the good times, a person needs to take action and achieve goals.

8 rods

in an upright position:

8 of Wands shows that a person after a period of stagnation is at the threshold of a bright and exciting phase in my life. Things budged questioner full of energy and enthusiasm in anticipation of the new project. In questioner strong enough to do the job, he will be involved in the social life. Thinking about plans for the business. Overcoming difficulties. Travel for business, travel on vacation. Change housing. Obtaining information concerning the cases. Self-confidence and ambition. Sudden changes. The sudden progress. Tension. card may herald a period of hard work, which will require mental costs. For whatever a man took, all executed very quickly, things go downhill. Rapid decision-making. Well-established communication, overcoming misunderstanding talent in all areas of life. Entry into power. Erotic excitement. The favorable combination of circumstances.

8 rods in inverted position:

The lack of power to do the job, passivity. Weight problems, breakdowns plans. Envy criticism. Delays and delays. Pulling solutions. The lack of information. Hoaxes. Unfavorable circumstances. Disagreement, scandals in the family. Stagnation. No rest. Travel will be postponed. Indecision. Ill-considered steps. Insecurity. Trouble due to unbalance. Health problems.

instructive advice cards:

In preparation for the further promotion, ask yourself, are you ready for this and whether it complies with your plans. You're in a state of readiness?