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Original value "Eight of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Eight of Swords - value

Deciphering secret signs of Destiny

inner spirit:

I'm exempt from the difficult situation.

Looking at this card, you can form an opinion that a man trap, he exhausted. The card can be a person who is in a vicious circle, his views are limited, he is offended or hurt a child. There are many arguments and superimposed effects.

Eight - is the strength and stability, and symbolically means the barrier and the inability to move. The card indicates the bans, various complexes, located directly in us, or indicate any external constraints or barriers, or the failure of too many options.

When the fallsEight of Swords, ask a question: Does not the man put the limit? It restricts itself to confusion, indecision or lack of faith or vision. In some circumstances,Eight of Swords can report suppressive actions dictated by external forces. (Castle, shown on a rock in the background card can symbolize strength and power, the pressures from above). The appearance of this card reminds us to think about human rights. Do not be afraid of the unknown, it is necessary to decipher the signs of destiny and understand the hidden meaning of the threat.

8 swords

in an upright position:

Thirst rid of a difficult situation, but not knowing how to do it. The feeling of anxiety, danger and uncertainty. The man is afraid to do anything because of the prevailing circumstances. The critical situation. Imprisonment in matter. Uncertainty in interferes into conflict. The crisis in his life. A new step in uncertainty. Obstacle limitation deadlock. Only a sustained action will overcome the difficulties. The temptation to those or other features meticulous control. Distortion. Undetermined and questionable relationship. In addition to the complications of life and feelings of helplessness, this card encourages the person to change. It may well be that the situation is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. Perhaps the man himself to blame for this situation.

8 swords in the inverted position:

difficulties plight, hard work, depression, feelings. Possible accident. There are no forces to move further along the path of life. Frustrating. Serious conflict. Stagnation in business. Selfishness. Disharmony. Waste of time. The inability to defend its position. The monetary loss or theft. Unforeseen difficulties and debts to be paid. Barriers and mutual misunderstanding.

instructive advice cards:

Faced with difficulties, do not forget that enable them, you will become taller and smarter. Do not expect help from the outside. You must choose freedom.