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Original value "Eight of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Eight of Cups - value

The quest for mystical revelations

inner spirit:

I'm going for a new segment of Gisenyi way.

Eight cups indicates dissatisfaction with past achievements or relations and to find a new direction. Vanity, shallow emotions, the joy of love and the pain of loneliness wins - all experienced, formed their opinions about love, look at the relationship more than realistic.Eight cups opens individualnye possibilities of the human psyche, teaches understanding. It produces the correct view, the release of obstacles and protection against promiscuity. The man parted with internal dependencies.

The card tends to be tradition, routine and repetitive emotional reactions. The image of this card we see a man climbing a mountain, but all the same in the time he returns to the same place.

It is necessary to find in themselves the ability to listen to their own rhythms and link them with the pulse of the time, celebrate holidays with full of fun and fast as often as possible.

8 cups

in an upright position:

changes and upheaval. Completion relationship. Finding meaning in the spiritual life. An entirely different view of love. The desire for peace, the spiritual and mystical revelations. A new stage in life, a new segment of life. The old left behind. The ability to control their emotions. Overcoming temptations and temptations. Exemption from the past bearing down memories. Trust your intuition. Implementation of the plans related to travel and travel. The ability to be in harmony with people. The loss of illusions of today will provide greater satisfaction in the future. It is not necessary to cling to something that will not return, and suffer. The realization that you need to live and move on instead of love there is tolerance, stable coolness in the relationship.

8 cups upside down position:

The fear and uncertainty. Stress caused by quarrels, separation, loss or other negative events in his personal life. Cruelty. Emotional difficulties in communicating with people. Health problems. Nothing brings satisfaction. Selfishness and vanity. The lack of stability in their professional activities. The lack of courage to defend their rights. Lack of patience.

instructive advice cards:

Faced with difficulties, do not forget that, by allowing them, you will become taller and smarter. Do not expect help from the outside. You must choose freedom.