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Original value "Eight of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Eight of Pentacles - value

scrupulous work performance

inner spirit:

I am a creative approach the case.

Eight of Pentacles shows the competence, ability, skill, dedication, diligence, efficiency and meticulousness. She convinces stop procrastinating and start working right now. The reproduction of your talents lie skill. Practise clearly its nature, its own logic, and self-understanding. Each real task that you perform and overcome, there is a mirror that reflects your business. Treat and clean their talent and limits.

The number 8 in the card indicates a stable life span on material prosperity, loyalty to the principles of patriotism, devotion to family and home.

8 Pentacles

in an upright position:

deep satisfaction and a great use of their talents and abilities. Processes of change of consciousness. The increase in skill. Sufficient strength and perseverance. The ability to earn money. Endeavors. The discovery of a new talent. Finding interesting and well-paid job. Capacity building. Learning a new specialty. Perseverance will earn good money. Self-confidence and self-respect. The ability to make decisions. Ability to use other people's finances. A creative approach to business. Stable period in life, material prosperity, loyalty to the principles, devotion to family and home. Following the path of spiritual development.

8 Pentacles in the inverted position:

The inability to earn money. Reluctance to spend time and energy for a new specialty. Delays and problems. Unemployment. Fatigue. Laziness. The falsity. The pursuit of "easy" money. The desire to profit from the misfortunes of others. Duplicity feelings. Monotone domestic employment. In order to achieve the desired success does not lack the necessary skills. Failure itself in all life pleasures. Ruthlessness. Material losses. Lack of faith in their own strength.

instructive advice cards:

It is time for diligence. Ensure that the results of your creations were successful, wearing your handwriting and that they you are always recognized themselves.