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Original value "Devil" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Devil - value

The Devil is personified with all the dark in the inner world of man. Evil is whatever you call it, there is, and the devil is not born somewhere, but in ourselves. The image of the Devil suggests that suppression circuits and systems that limit us, can be removed, and that we will provide great benefit to themselves as to the level of our inner world.

inner spirit:

I have been studying the dark side of his own personality.

To understand the message of this card, it is necessary to examine every detail depicted on it.

The first thing we see is the inverted pentagram. Pentagram in the right position indicates the spiritual superiority, and an inverted - a symbol of black magic, and points to the materialism and base instincts.

The second thing that is clearly evident - itDevil which is the ignorance and irresponsibility, inner demon, or shadow side of the personality, which we try to suppress or deny. He - the hidden desires and obsessions that can make destroy. Quite often we have to deal with the shadow side and indulge it.

The third thing you can see - the two people who are chained to the stone steel chain, which they are free from powerless. Maybe they are not yet able to understand how free the chain, they may have become accustomed to it and do not want to disengage from it. In any case, these two figures represent connectivity desires, lust, hedonism, obsessions. They can also point to a blind acceptance of unhealthy, unproductive, or repressive situation - an obsession or an insult that can bring suffering and plunge into a depression. We must strive to achieve a balance mezhdy subconscious and consciousness. Just trust your higher 'I', which leads and guides in life, we will be able to come to the prosperity and happiness.

The positive aspect of this card - parting with the ban, which we have set ourselves. When we are able to act freely, without indulging passions, then life will seem much easier...

ContactDevil with Capricorn speaks of materiality, prudence, and diligence to consolidate its position.

The Devil

in an upright position:

This Arkan can symbolize any situation in which the questioner seems that his tie chains, or that he was trapped by the fault of another person. Man angry, he was overcome because of the fury that circumstances keep him, do not allow openly express their emotions. You take for granted what can not be proved. You ruled agonizing thirst for material and physical well-being purely the desire to rule over others, to possess untold wealth. Perhaps you are stuck in a very unpleasant situation, the output of which can be found, but it seems that it is not. In certain cases, Arkan is thrall to the erotic desires. Sometimes the card says questioner in life is the man who pulls the strings and controls, and it is from this should be free.

Sexuality, magnetism, interest accumulation, searches only material benefit. Dive into the illusion, the inability to see reality. No sense of humor. The great strength. Knowing the nature of the world. Creativity is spent on immediate pleasures and excesses. Abstract thinking. The lure of the prospects, the choice between scams and honest conduct of affairs, the play on the weaknesses of the partner.

Devil in the inverted position:

The abuse of power, all efforts aimed at the achievement of wealth. Jealousy. Cruelty. Arrogance. Pride. Fatal depending on the circumstances or people. Low self-esteem. The lack of ambition. The desire to get rid of illusions and see the world realistically. A person can break the chain of bondage at any time. Change the way of thinking and opinions. Frugality.

Arcanum number 15 is known as the shadow which humanity is afraid, and which suppresses since ancient times. This Arcanum - a choice that everyone makes when he insulted and humiliated. With Devil need to meet and overcome it. It can not be angry with the whole world, to despise all around your body and harm the cause. Our weakness and deception come to light when we are confronted with their own fears and try to cope with what binds us. The devil is very close in meaning to the Magician. These cards - symbols of magical power, will, enthusiasm and humor. The devil plays destinies, it is interesting to study the psychology of behavior, weakness and strength. This card indicates that the person is aware of his own ignorance and darkness. Devil embodies some of the instincts of nature, which we have not treated kindly, though in need of it, and may even be, there is a strong attraction to her. But now it is possible to change and rebuild. Look for the new opportunity that will change both themselves and the situation.

instructive advice cards:

Think about and what you can hold down the chain? Objectively assess their shortcomings and admit the problems that occur directly from you. You will be a sense of humor and patience.


Do not let the goat in the garden! Do not give false promptings of!