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Original value "Two of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Two of Pentacles - value

The power of abstract ideas

inner spirit:

I'm going to manipulate features.

Two of Pentacles shows how the Jester playing not far from the ocean funny coins. Lemniscate indicates a desire and instincts, highly developed, but in a small form, stage of consciousness. card hints that you need to be flexible, able to adapt. Any change related to the revaluation. Changing the essence of life. Former principles become ambiguous. If your true values ​​are exaggerated, it is necessary to reckon with its own uncertainty. The process of self-development will bring you happiness.

Two of Pentacles shows the manipulation of various projects or tasks, the constant movement, the bustle, a kind of initial experience in the earthly, material life, the development of space and discipleship. You will have some crazy passion, and the case will be developed or will be delayed, because your location change. Your consciousness is also reoriented and cleared. A new look at the surrounding will help you to make new findings.

It pays special attention to balance, which is in the never-ending flow of energy between two poles, linked forever in constant mutual exchange. This card expresses the natural and essential changes, and just the diversity of life.

2 Pentacles

in an upright position:

The man knows how to bring into balance finances. Financial benefits due to another. The financial situation will be brought into balance, and health harmonized. The adoption of reasonable decisions about material wealth and practical affairs. The thirst for material well-being. Faith in the future prosperity and stability. Perhaps the questioner will have for some time become a juggler, learn how to use two possibilities that will open. It is necessary to run a lot. Evocation, wellness. The card indicates the presence questioner talent, ability and zeal, emotional and physical strength needed to start something new, and to succeed. Vanity specific daily activities. Contracts, documents, the amount of money, but small. Minor obstacles, but it is very annoying, difficulty in developing new projects. Diplomacy and resourcefulness. The desire to succeed in a career.

2 Pentacles in the inverted position:

The man does not know how to handle money. Depression because of the money. Losing money. Mental retardation. Health problems due to the financial status. Limited opportunities and profits due to low skills. Commercialism. Poverty. The questioner is difficult to achieve spiritual harmony. Weakness, lack of energy. Fear of impending case. Tampering contracts, resulting in the loss and loss. Significant obstacles and inability to find a way out. Without serious consequences changes in life.

instructive advice cards:

Save the joy and be content with what is happening. Move on without fear. In any situation, to maintain harmony and balance.