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Original value "Death" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Death - value

Death indicates the completion of any case or circumstances. Transformation - death in the name of the old to make way for the new. If you are unable to complete the cycle and a dozen re-enter the unit, you will find a baker's dozen.

inner spirit:

I'll admit the feasibility of what is happening and part with...

We die and are born again, reborn, and parting with old habits and open up new perspectives and take new leadership in life, buy a new house, moving to a new town, moving to a new job or terminate the relationship. There are a thousand different types of "death" and this card can be lyuboyu of them, and very rarely it directly refers to physical death.Death is an eternal movement, to create something better that will replace the dead.

This Arkan announces important changes or transformations in life. He bluntly hints that you need to make changes or warning that the hour... Kos is an attribute of time and suggests that regardless of age, wealth and social position no one is immune from it.

Experiencing any loss,Death reports that do not need much to lament, it was necessary for further growth. Typically, it is understood that we must mourn the death of a loved one, but we mourn the loss of a job and, and loss of money bills and loss of relationships....

Sometimes this card tells us to leave the past, did not recall bygone, and to move forward, not looking back. Everything in this material world is transient, and the time has come...

Finally, this card may signal that it's time to cut the dead wood and bring order in your life, you must go through the old stuff in the locker room and clean the old, abandoned attic. In order to promote their own growth, you need a good gardener, pruning dead and unnecessary processes, to clear the field that was new growth.

The connection of this card with the sign of Scorpio says the update, immortality, regeneration, and expanding world of stinging mind.


in an upright position:

fear this card is not necessary. This card does not mean certain death. It indicates that the old way of life has lost its meaning, Destiny gives you a fresh start. This will require a break with the past. This may be a severance of relations, job loss or change of lifestyle, but whatever changes are not proclaimed this card, the questioner must be taken for granted the fact that with the past is over forever.

To be a complete transformation, the person would be in the new environment, start up a new relationship or face a new challenge fate.

The expansion of world, the rejection of limits. The profound changes in the psyche and outlook on the world. Will have a chance in the new, unexplored reality. The adoption of the fateful decision that will change forever. The destruction of the familiar. New ideas and good plans for the future. Inheritance or financial assistance from relatives. Use your energy to education. The adoption of new commitments. Leaving the past grievances, the man opens a new feeling and a new love. Pay attention to health.

Death in the inverted position:

In the stagnation of life begins questioner probably due to the fact that he did not ready for a change. On questioner condescends gift of insight, he begins to understand themselves and others. Slow changes in life inertia trouble. Lack of development, the failure of plans. Frustration. Chagrin. Unfortunate circumstances and relationships with others. Jealousy, envy, anger and concealed resentment. Worse. Unhappy love. Problems in sex. Black magic. The death or life-threatening. The fear of death. Man has no interest in spiritual growth. Lack of faith.

Death- it is simply necessary changes. They can be transferred at a later date, but may rush fate, and then apply the violent forms that will be much more painful and tragic seem, or actually are and will be.

The old beliefs and ideas are challenged, and may feel the transition from familiar to something unknown. When we experience opposition or test, stunning to the ground, we are ready for a revival. card harder for people passive and conservative. Parting with the former "I" is a prerequisite for a new awakening. Give the old cycle is completed and be ready to move towards a new opportunity.

In cases will need to abandon the usual way of making money and communication. You may have to change the very scope and develop new technologies, acquire new knowledge, otherwise you will not be able to adapt to the new field.

In special cases, this card may signal the actual death of someone you know, or point to the internal the death of the sort when something goes obsolete from your life and eases your burden. Take this experience and trust him. This will allow the best way to go through a period...

instructive advice cards:

Think about what you need to leave right now. Objectively, about the fact that happens to you, and take advantage of new opportunities offered.


Do not make the moves that have no future. Be careful not to stumble and fall.