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Original value "Doom" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Doom - value

Cards Court and world predict a reward for the effort and the beginning of a new cycle of life. The court is a spiritual rebirth of man, the atonement of the past, repentance and forgiveness, restoration of forces, awakening and renewal. Here we can see the mystical connection between the end of the world and a new start.

The inner attitude: I have risen from the ashes and destroying the old.

Court predicts changes in life that will lead to higher goals. This is - a conscience immortality, rebirth and redemption. This card is also called the resurrection of the dead, or just Sunday, it is favorable, despite the unpleasant impression it creates in relation to its subject matter. Archangel, Blowing the trumpet calls for us to realize the highest power within us.

The people rising from their graves, like a butterfly released from the cocoon. Court can point to the exemption from congestion, calls to abandon the old knowledge and seek new teaching. Do not reminisce, let no more be in your life work of repetitions and let it not be a burden.

The map emphasizes that the light appears that something very important, and the new material, which in the future will be crucial. The Court points out the need for a well-thought-out judgment on the situation. To achieve this, the judgment will require long and arduous process works. A comprehensive view can not be achieved only through the intellect. Body, mind and soul involved in the process of forming judgments, and during this process, you instinctively move towards prosperity, and moves away from the useless. History Arkan is closely linked to the theme of the New Testament and the last, the Last Judgment and the Resurrection.

Arkan associated with Pluto, who is the master of natural forces. He gives a superhuman strength and gives access to a truly magical destiny management.

The court meant parting with the past and hints at the beginning of a new stage in life. The man given the opportunity to honestly assess your life and recognize how he remained true to himself. To say goodbye to the past, it is necessary to understand and to part with past mistakes. Map recalls that we collect what we sow. Receiving awards for past efforts. Awareness of their own hidden talents, the manifestation of creativity. Belief in yourself and your inner strength. Help the higher powers. New knowledge, bringing joy and happiness. Change of residence or place of work. Return to the pending cases or projects. Spiritual energy. Belief in yourself. Self-confidence thanks to new knowledge.

The court in inverted position:
One can not realistically assess the situation in which resides. Confusion. Indecision. The severance of relations. Conscious immoral behavior. Fear. Postponement of change. Blaming others for their troubles. The materialistic approach to life. The reluctance to access experience and knowledge. Limited. The narrowness of views and thinking. The loss of someone / something. Health problems. If the Court finds in the scenario is over the moon, or the Devil's Tower, you are bound to face the consequences of their actions in the past, you have committed yourself or have closed eyes. Whatever it was, the Arcanum indicates that soon you will know the naked truth, without pretense and embellishments.

Court - very philosophical map, even bearing in domestic matters of member worldview maximum detachment from the bustle of the outside world and reflections on the themes of life and death, and all human destiny. The culmination of the life on Earth is a triumph over ignorance and limitations, and humanity will gain the victory over death and chaos.

If you dropped this card, then you have touched the highest level of consciousness. You hear the call, calling for a new direction. You will find new purpose and direction. You have enormous resources at the disposal of energy. You will face new study being.

An instructive advice cards:

Listen to the voice of the universe, it encourages you to get up out of the darkness, to lend a hand to the light. Open your heart to everything new.

There is no need to resurrect the old problems. Do not show hesitancy in decision-making.