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Original value "Chariot" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Chariot - value

Chariot shows the desire of man to action, a craving for something new. Two forces that are pulling it in different directions, hinting at the contradiction that make up our lives. The ability to straddle the contradictions will achieve great things. It's time to choose and find the path that leads to inner harmony and external peace...

Inner disposition:

I am going in the way.

If the cardLoving is a rite of passage, then follows her chariot, he points to growing up and finding their way to wake up. Wagon governs psychic energy in the form of brave charioteer. To manage it, you need the strength and skill, but in the hands of the charioteer is no reason, and this is an allusion to the fact that there are no methods of control feelings. Regardless of the circumstances necessary to rein in his emotions and be able to restrain themselves. The two opposing forces - white and black sphinxes - embody identity, male and female energies. A person should take responsibility for the way that he has chosen, and hard to follow it, despite the obstacles. This card describes the manifestation externally hitherto hidden forces, search and finding one's place in the world.

Two Moons - decreasing and growing - on the shoulders of the commander indicate subconscious emotions that need to change their way of thinking, break with the past, utopian ideas.

Two sphinx may hint at the passion and carrying us forward, so you must learn to control his own passions. For someone who has known himself, life is like a chariot rushing forward.

Chariot can point to the acquisition of spiritual knowledge, the ability to razrulit difficult situation, controlling two opposing forces which have not yet reconciled or combined. Problematic aspects of this card, two contrary forces fighting inside a person.

Chariot in


You will find yourself in a situation when you have to keep in check the two forces. At the questioner may struggle with strong opposing desires. Inquirers have to face the competition, so he knows his own power.

It is time to take the reins into their own hands and confidently move forward to victory. Activity. Proper distribution of psychic energy. Auriga - a higher 'I', which is to be trusted and who will guide you through life. Schedule specific plans. Judicious use of sexual energy. The comprehension of the laws of karma. Search for ways out of the vicious circle of cause and effect. Achieving success, but not as the will of the case, and as a result of the effort. Righteous life and responsibility. Trip.

Chariot in inverted position:

Lightweight stress due to the fact that a person is aware that his position is unstable. Ill-considered actions. Consumption or lack of energy. The weakening of health. It is necessary to restrain yourself. Mental refusal to fight. Lack of trust in your gut may cause difficulties. Indulgence and whims. Snobbery. Fail. Bad luck. You will lose what has already held in their hands. The collapse of the plans. The inability to properly assess the situation. Conflicts and expenditure of energy. The confusion in the mind.

The Chariot, which sit next to two sphinxes, is two halves of the world around us, one two parts of the whole. This card predicts success in the case, to which the guess. The choice has already been made, finding the goal to which we must move. For someone who knows himself, life is like a chariot rushing forward. Chariot announced that it was time to be in conflict, and you may have to acknowledge the existence of internal aggressive, conflicting feelings and thoughts, which must cope with, otherwise it will be impossible to move forward...

instructive Board Cards:

Do what prompts the heart! It's time to break with the past, plan for the future and the further course of action. Rush through life with a certain intention and a firm belief in goodness.


Do not abuse, and do not overestimate your own strength! Do not be vindictive!