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Original value "Ace of Pentacles" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Ace of Pentacles - value

Performance and magical material desires

inner spirit:

Before me reveal new opportunities for enrichment and spiritual growth.

Ace of Pentacles indicates prosperity, financial possibilities and promotion in their careers. But Aces are like seeds: they are full of potential that needs to be fed, so he grew. Ace This shows that the height is taken, acquiring new skills, new horizons, new opportunities for growth.

Ace of Pentacles is the purest form of the element of the Earth, it has a strong character and energy . We have inherited the earth from our ancestors, and give her a loan to our children. Nothing on earth does not go unnoticed and nothing is without any consequences...

The card may indicate a successful job search, promotion, or a new line of work. card says that the resources you need are available to you. In addition, generosity and practicality are also value this card. Open your eyes a little wider. You smile a chance to find happiness. You will find something new, which you will experience great pleasure.

Ace of Pentacles

in an upright position:

New beginnings bring money. Physical and material well-being. Prosperity. New proposals, related to money. The feeling of self-sufficiency. Inheritance or winning in gambling. Relationships based on financial security. Man happy with his fate, as he achieved a great deal. Luck. Better health. Happiness. Rich marriage and prosperity in the house. Large purchases. Luxury. Professional skills. Finding new opportunities. Recognition and talents.

Ace of Pentacles in the inverted position:

The new initiatives will not bring money. In financial matters grim picture. Lust and jealousy affect negatively on health. Huge appetite, which is very difficult to satisfy. Excessive ambition, disappointment. You must learn how to properly allocate the budget. Do not take a loan. Protect resources. Decline. Spending on unnecessary things. Worse. Insatiable thirst. Marriage to a poor person. Small purchases. The danger and the shaky ground beneath their feet.

instructive advice cards:

productively use their finances, virtue, talents, time and energy, no matter how small they may seem. Open your arms the world.